What’s the use of icloud? Many Apple users have this problem. In fact, it’s not just the iPhone. At present, many mobile phones on the market have such a cloud storage space to store the information in your mobile phone. Personally, I think it is still very necessary.

Simply put, it is used for data backup, synchronization and data recovery services. Including backup of important data such as address book, SMS, call record, application software and games, so as to prevent data loss in case of loss and replacement of mobile phone. Upload the important data in the mobile phone to the cloud for data backup, and download the data in the cloud next time.

With the improvement of science and technology, the confidentiality of today’s storage space is becoming stronger and stronger, and the security factor is becoming higher and higher. Most people will be willing to choose this method to store important information. The precious photos, contacts and memos in the mobile phone can be easily retrieved in case of accidental loss.

For iPhone storage, you can enter the phone’s “Settings” interface and select “icloud”. In the “icloud” interface, we can see emails, photos and memos. Classify the address book and other data, and open the Backup button behind the data type you need to backup; Click “backup” at the bottom of the menu. After entering, open the “icloud backup” function. After opening, icloud will automatically back up the mobile phone data as long as the mobile phone is in the WiFi environment, the screen is locked and the mobile phone is connected to a stable power supply.

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