Guided by the virtual reality Professional Committee of China Communications Industry Association, the blockchain Professional Committee of China Communications Industry Association, Guangdong game industry association and Shenzhen Internet Culture Market Association, the industry head media game gyro, VR gyro, gyro e-sports, gyro finance The 2019 future business ecological link conference and the 4th golden gyroscope award ceremony (hereinafter referred to as “fbec2019”) jointly hosted by Shenzhen blockchain technology and industrial innovation alliance opened in the banquet hall of pengrui Raffles Hotel, block T7, No. 1, Shenzhen Bay, Nanshan District, Shenzhen. With the theme of “butterfly change · upward power”, this conference will always pay attention to frontier fields such as future trend development, industrial innovation and upgrading, new links of business ecology and so on.

At the global VR / AR Industry Development Summit, Liu Fengrui, co-founder / Vice President of Nibiru, delivered a wonderful speech on the theme of “whether XR tools can redraw the road of industrial application transformation in the 5g era”. Liu Fengrui analyzed the development and trend of VR / AR industry horizontally, and pointed out that the field of digital economic transformation or the focus direction of future AR / VR industry development, while the high-quality content required by the combination of AR / VR industry and traditional industry digital transformation needs to be supported by portable AR / VR industry development tools.

Future focus of VR / AR industry: digital economic development

Liu Fengrui said: “digital economy transformation is the focus of traditional industries in the coming decades. VR / AR industry is an extremely important technical component in the development trend of large digital economy.

All technologies in the digitization process are not isolated. Now the key core technologies are 5g, XR and AI. 5g era, XR and AI are the strong power of digital transformation. At present, these technologies are also perfectly implemented among enterprises and scenarios. In addition to 5g market coverage, we now have some overall solutions with operators and upstream chip partners around the world. According to statistics, in 2017, 67% of the top 1000 enterprises in the world will take digital transformation as the core of the company’s strategy.

According to this logic, our partners now penetrate into education, games, medicine, military, art, commerce, archaeology, navigation and sports. In the middle of education, for example, we have an education partner in the UK. It has made a relatively balanced education solution, which can fool teachers to quickly form a mobile classroom and let children do in-depth learning in an immersive environment. This is the essence of education at present. It is up to educators to quickly use tools and grasp the balance point.

I am particularly optimistic about the medical industry. At present, the medical industry mainly focuses on psychological intervention, such as sleep adjuvant therapy, depression, detoxification and so on. Take sleep assistance. At present, there are 430 million people with sleep disorders on the mainland. If VR technology is used to alleviate sleep problems, it is very effective. Generally, people who are not sleepy can put on projection display, which can quickly make people fall asleep. It has been verified in the medical field. In the penetration of various industries, VR and AR now occupy a huge market space.

Back to the market, I think that now with the development of C-end, VR has greater potential in games. The core of the game this year is to do a good job in interaction. There is still huge room for improvement in the C-end field of interactive games.

The market of AR end, which develops to C end, also starts from the game. In terms of entertainment, slam can solve the problem well, and the cost performance of the whole product will go up quickly. So far, AR is still in the b-end market.

VR / AR industry development tools: tools for high-quality content

In terms of industry, first of all, a certain scale of access hardware should be popularized to users, so that everyone can get the hardware available. Then there should be high-quality content cooperation. Before the content comes out, there should be a tool to pave the way. It seems that in the previous computer age, if there were no office software and financial tools in various industries, the whole industry could not flourish rapidly. Therefore, ruiyue began to develop some rapid development tools for VR / AR industry in 2016. There are two layers of logic here. One is for people with some development ability; Second, some people without development ability can make these contents as easily and quickly as ppt.

Of course, we don’t pay attention to big rendering ability. At present, to do VR / AR in the industry, we need a small engine with light rendering, high efficiency and low power consumption, so that people who want to do this content in the industry can quickly develop their own content for the industry.

Ruiyue has several general systems and tools for scenarios, and a large number of chips are connected to the upper layer. At the same time, it also has the advantages of operating system. It cooperates closely with upstream chip manufacturers, and a large number of domestic and foreign hardware brands are cooperating with us.

Nibiru studio, one of the development tools, helps people with development ability to quickly develop their own VR / AR content, which is equivalent to a small engine. Its biggest feature is low power consumption. There are many libraries in the middle, so that it can quickly produce its own content. Nibiru studio is currently used by a large number of industry partners.

We have also been evolving. In July this year, we released a version of the visual editing interface, so that users can quickly make their own things.

The other is Nibiru creator, which is as convenient as ppt. It can quickly do the AR / VR content required by the education industry, industrial product manual and so on through the existing materials. There are ar / VR pictures, videos, models, and audio and video nested and jumping each other, which can be completed by dragging. Nibiru creator is always iterating. The latest version has been able to support interactive video creation of 2D videos and pictures, taking the lead in interactive video creation.

At present, we are also actively polishing and planning the rendering business in the cloud. When 5g comes, it is called fat terminal and thin terminal. The head is a thin terminal, but all processing power is put in the cloud. The first is the allocation of dynamic efficiency of virtual machines, which is done by many large cloud platform manufacturers. In addition, it is necessary to transmit the results of interaction and rendering to the head end in real time. This is what Nibiru remote rendering (NRR) tool needs to do at present.

Of course, this is just a tool. The upper layer of the tool is also responsible for some products such as content distribution platform. Only by combining tools and products can it penetrate into the scene.

Now we have made many extensions to the NRR tool, such as multi person interaction and multi person mutual assistance. For example, in the review of some industrial simulation products, multi person interaction can be used. Each person wears a head display, and everyone can interact, communicate and communicate with the same virtual product. At present, it basically belongs to a single person and many people are together. First, it is necessary to use the cloud PC content. It really needs a complete set of tools that can be interconnected.

Multi person collaborative teaching in different places also relies on NRR tools. Now the interaction can be opened up without limiting the hardware scene.

In the industry, there are multi person collaboration in different places and remote maintenance guidance. This is a very good scenario and can be used through the cloud.

We hope to penetrate into more industries, and we also hope to cooperate with you to take off with the market from end B to end C.

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