1. The wiring harness is an indispensable system-level component in electrical appliances.

2. Its function is to provide and distribute power for various electrical systems as a medium for signal transmission between components.

3. To put it bluntly, for example, if the headlights are to be powered on, they need to be connected to the battery or generator through the wiring harness to form a power circuit.

4. In order to turn on the lights, the electrical controller (BCM) must recognize the intention of the control system – turn on the light combination switch, and the combination switch and the BCM also need signal interaction through the wiring harness.

5. Wires, connectors, terminals, fuse boxes, relays, fuses, plastic brackets, metal brackets, PVC insulating tubes, corrugated tubes, heat shrink tubes, sealing rings, rubber sleeves, tapes, cable ties, protective sleeves, bolts, etc.

6. The automobile wiring harness consists of wires, connectors, harness sheaths, harness fixtures (buckles, rubber parts, harness brackets, etc.) and harness accessories.

Reviewing Editor: Liu Qing

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