“We are in an era of great change. Based on the whole scene intelligent strategy, Huawei will open a new era of smart screen with innovative technology.” Yu Chengdong, CEO of consumer business, once raised the smart screen strategy to a high level. Since then, expectations have been heard.

On July 26, Huawei held a terminal communication meeting at its headquarters in Shenzhen. Yu Chengdong said at the meeting that Huawei will open the era of smart screen with innovative technology. Large screen equipment will be newly upgraded in the era of full scene intelligence, and create a new smart life with smart interaction center, cross screen experience center, lot control center and audio-visual entertainment center. On September 19, Huawei held a new product launch in Munich, Germany, and Huawei’s smart screen made its debut, thus opening the door to Huawei’s whole scene smart ecology. On September 26, Huawei smart screen was released in China. The initial price of the 65 inch v65 was 6999 yuan, which officially announced that the large screen in Huawei’s “1 + 8 + n” strategy was launched, and the important living room entrance was formed.

What is the experience of the new smart screen

As the main entrance in the family scenario, the smart screen is the focus of Huawei’s strategic deployment and the core support of Huawei’s whole scene intelligent strategy. With the new upgrading of large screen equipment’s interaction ability, multi screen collaboration ability, management and control ability and smart audio and video, smart screen will become the family’s smart interaction center, cross screen experience center, IOT control center and audio-visual entertainment center. It will be a new species and category of smart family in the future.

Technical decision ability

How to realize many abilities and work effectively and orderly at the same time? According to the introduction of Huawei technicians, the intelligent interaction center is realized through the excellent performance of Kirin AI chip, Lingxiao WiFi chip and Honghu intelligent display chip, as well as the support of underlying technologies such as hIaI engine and cloud ecology. The intelligent interaction center includes three aspects: voice, vision and sensing, including voice semantics, face recognition, scene recognition, human perception and light sensing. The lot control center supports 50 million + hilink devices and more than 900 types of intelligent devices in more than 100 categories. The three functions of Huawei smart screen from inside to outside – AI insight, Huawei share and Huawei sound carry all the understanding of intelligent control.

As a product to empower the industry and subvert the living room experience, what kind of ability does Huawei smart screen have to become an important chess piece in the smart ecosystem?

AI insight

Unlike most enterprises that use front cameras, Huawei smart screen adopts a liftable low light level camera, which integrates AI function, has “perception” ability and unique smart portrait locking technology. During video calls, it maintains angle following and is located in the middle of the screen to the greatest extent. In addition, the camera can recognize the body joints through the built-in AI fitness function and correct the movement that is not in place. In order to protect children, AIDS carries out video recognition and provides sitting posture correction, low blue light filtering and other functions. AI projection

Huawei’s unique one touch screen projection function integrates the advantages of mobile phone R & D. through the bottom layer optimization of the system, Huawei smart screen will achieve a better screen projection experience from small screen to large screen in the industry. 60 frames / s high frame rate projection, making the picture more smooth. The Huawei share smart cross screen function has a wireless transmission speed of up to 30MB / s, and can save beautiful images to Huawei’s large screen home cloud album anytime and anywhere. Free the phone memory. AI sound and picture

Huawei smart screen adopts 8 + 1 + 1 audio solution, with built-in 6 full frequency speaker units, 2 high-frequency speaker units, 1 bass woofer and 1 pair of passive radiators, realizing 5.1 professional sound effect. At the software level, Huawei smart screen supports sound field modeling. Combined with Huawei histen’s new generation of advanced audio processing algorithms, the sound quality experience has been further improved. In terms of image quality, Huawei smart screen uses quantum dot light source as backlight, with color gamut coverage of 100% NTSC. At the same time, the new Honghu smart chip algorithm blessing makes the display effect to a higher level.

Big screen “catfish” effect and new ecological dawn

The emergence of “new species” may revitalize the living room economy. Due to the functions of mobile phones and the fast pace of modern society, the power on rate of TV is far lower than that 10 years ago. According to the data, the average daily startup rate of TV has decreased from 70% three years ago to 30%. Consumers over the age of 40 have become the mainstream of TV viewing, and the profits of TV manufacturers are decreasing every year, which is even worse for the struggling traditional TV industry. In order to grasp the paddle of “Internet” and “intelligence”, many enterprises are covered with the question mark of “false proposition” at the moment they step out of the design of smart TV. The complex experience of intelligence for the sake of intelligence also makes them lose a large number of users. Most of the popular Internet brands have lost the market and then eliminated in this environment.

In Huawei’s view, the living room effect is not an isolated island, and wisdom is not an isolated technical display. The real Internet of things ecosystem will maximize intelligence, and interaction is the ultimate proposition for the smart screen to appear in the living room. The outermost circle of the “1 + 8 + n” strategy is n products that can reflect the family life scene, which can be fully connected through hilink. The embodiment of IOT control center can make a good interpretation of the future smart family, connect all kinds of isolated appliances, make them have the habit of learning from family members, and then move the family center back to the living room. This is not only the direction that Huawei is working hard, but also an urgent problem to be solved in the whole industry.

Huawei’s release of smart screen has the conditions of “favorable timing and location”. Huawei is at the forefront of the world in the development of hardware. Although it has been defined as a communication enterprise by the outside world, its layout of display chips has been revealed from the beginning, and its ability has been obvious to all. Chip is the core of mobile phone, and so is TV. Since 2004, Hisilicon began to make efforts until today’s Kirin series chips were born, which has laid an important foundation for Huawei chips. The smart TV chip controls the panel display effect, and the definition, color gamut, color standard, contrast and MEMC (dynamic compensation) all depend on the deployment of the display chip. The lack of core and screen was the fundamental problem in China’s TV market before 2010. Hisilicon saw the right time at this time node and took the lead in the research and development of TV chips. As of 2017, domestic chips represented by Hisilicon have occupied about 60% of the market share of TV chips. At present, Huawei Hisilicon’s share of 4K TV chips on the market exceeds 50%.

According to ovicloud, in the first quarter of 2019, the retail volume of the TV market was 12.02 million units, a year-on-year decrease of 1.1%, and the retail volume was 34.9 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 13.1%. At this time, can Huawei’s ambition meet psychological expectations? From the outside world, the emergence of Huawei will have a certain impact on the TV industry, but it must be positive. For Huawei itself, which has always stressed that it will not make traditional household appliances, the arrival of smart screen may redefine the large screen in the living room in the future. From the characteristics introduced by Yu Chengdong at the press conference, the smart screen is more like a mobile phone with audio-visual function. In addition to video playback, as a “contact station” of family terminal, the uniqueness of the smart screen is more like a catfish stirring the existing large screen industry.

With the advent of the 5g era, Huawei, which started with communication, will have a faster pipeline for the smart screen with video capability, and the content flow will be much greater than that in the 4G era. Higher definition and real-time content will become another “killer mace” of Huawei’s smart screen. At the same time, using the existing technological innovation and market scale, the coordinated development of AI and IOT will provide a better soil for the smart screen. At present, the industry has made a new upgrade due to the emergence of Huawei smart screen, and many enterprises also have corresponding intelligent functions. It is believed that the new species of “smart screen” will come to users in the future form of a new entrance to the smart family through the all-round upgrading of audio-visual experience, intelligent interaction and other technologies, create a new smart experience for users, and expand the smart experience of mobile phones to the large screen, which will be accepted faster.

Source: Xinhuanet

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