The electric quantity sensor is a kind of detection device, which can sense the information of the measured electric quantity, and transform the detected information into electrical signal or other required information output according to certain rules, so as to meet the requirements of information transmission, processing, storage, display, recording and control. It is the first step to realize automatic detection and automatic control. It is also a device that converts the measured electrical parameters (such as current, voltage, power, frequency, power factor, etc.) into DC current and DC voltage, and isolates the output of analog signal or digital signal.

What is the electricity sensor? What is its function

With the continuous development of science and technology, industrial control or detection (monitoring) system has higher and higher requirements for electrical isolation sensor, especially in the product stability, detection accuracy and function. Digital products are incomparable in performance and function, such as nonlinear correction and small signal processing. Therefore, the digitization of electric quantity sensor is an inevitable trend. The power supply technology with sensor detection, sensing sampling and sensing protection is becoming a trend. The sensors for detecting current or voltage emerge as the times require and are favored by the majority of power supply designers in China.

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