Battery management system is an important system for electric vehicle, which is related to battery safety. Electric vehicle battery management system (BMS) is an important link used to connect on-board power battery and electric vehicle. According to the main role of battery management system, the main functions of battery management system include real-time monitoring of some battery parameters, At the same time, the charge and discharge of the battery can be controlled through such a management system. In short, the charge and discharge, endurance and service life of the electric vehicle power battery need to rely on the battery management system.

It can be seen from the function of the battery management system that the battery management system is equivalent to the central nervous system of the battery for the battery, which is used to adjust and control the voltage inside the battery, optimize the efficiency of the battery pack according to the structure type of the system, and prevent overcharge, over discharge, over temperature, over current, etc. of the single battery.

According to the charge and discharge characteristics of most electric vehicle power batteries, the charge and discharge of the power battery is different from the relevant positive and negative materials in the power battery structure and interior, which means that the internal battery condition is also different when the battery is working. Through the structure, the management system of power battery plays a role in adjusting the working process of the whole battery pack, which is equivalent to the ECU processor of electric energy.

For BMS battery management system, when the battery voltage and temperature are outside the set range, it is necessary to intervene in the battery management and control the power battery to ensure the safety of battery charging and discharging. In addition, many batteries in the battery system are connected in series, and multi-channel collection of battery voltage is required. BMS can solve this problem. Generally speaking, For the battery management system of electric vehicle, it has the advantages of optimizing the internal voltage of the battery, making the vehicle more safe.

What is the effect of alt4519067904082944 battery management system on electric vehicles

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