What is embedded? What is SCM? What are the differences and connections between the two? In view of the problems between the two, I have compiled an article, hoping to help you understand the basic concepts and differences between the two.

1. In terms of system composition, single chip microcomputer is composed of controller, arithmetic unit, memory and input / output device. The first step of embedded system is to consider the specific application, cost, performance, scalability, development cycle and other requirements, determine the main control device of the system, and then add microprocessor, peripheral hardware and embedded operating system, Application program composition.

2. From the difference of hardware composition, MCU is composed of an integrated circuit chip, including microcontroller circuit, input and output interface control. With the development of electronic technology, embedded system can be realized by MCU or other programmable electronic devices.

What is the difference between MCU and embedded system

3. From the difference of software composition, general single-chip microcomputer can not run directly, because there is no application program, and embedded system must have control software, the method of control can use hardware circuit, also can use software program.

4. From the difference of primary and secondary relationship, SCM has been recognized as a general electronic device and an independent subject, while the embedded system is subordinate in physical structure and is embedded into the target application system. In terms of control relations, the logical processing of controlling the operation of the target application system is dominant at this time.

5. From the connection of system, embedded system can be said to be a very wide range of definition, and MCU can be said to be an important part of it. Therefore, we can use single-chip microcomputer to realize embedded system, and we can also use other embedded systems, such as mobile phones, to add other application processors to basic functions and enhance functions, which are also embedded systems,

We use single-chip microcomputer for industrial automation and industrial control. Generally speaking, multi-function and multi system cooperate with each other. These functions will not be used independently, so the use of single-chip microcomputer requires the cooperation of other systems. Therefore, in a broad sense, the application of single-chip microcomputer generally belongs to a branch of embedded system.


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