LED dimming power supply: a multi-functional power supply integrating the functions of timing on and off, dimming, setting timing, voltage transformation, batch setting of multiple sets, etc. Connect with the power supply through the Bluetooth mobile phone, and use the wechat applet to control the wireless. 30 groups of time periods can be set for segmented timing dimming. It can also be set by week, or dimming can be set manually.

LED dimming power supply

Led switching power supply: only with the function of step-down and voltage transformation, it is mainly used in conjunction with low-voltage LED light source. The mainstream low-voltage LED lamps in the market need to convert 220V AC power into low-voltage DC power through LED power supply to work stably. At present, the mainstream LED power supply in the market is mostly 12V, 24V and 30V.

How to connect the LED dimming power supply?

1.220v mains power is connected to L and n terminals on the right side of LED dimming power supply.

2. The positive and negative poles of the left outlet terminal of the LED dimming power supply correspond to each other and are connected to the positive and negative poles of the LED lamp.

The wiring of LED dimming power supply is the same as that of ordinary LED switch. The power supply corresponds to the positive and negative poles of LED light source one by one.

LED dimming power supply

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