What is the difference between LED and OLED?

1. Name

The English name of LED is light emitting diode and the Chinese name is light emitting diode. It is a kind of light-emitting device. OLED English name organic light emitting diode, Chinese name organic light emitting diode, is a current type organic light emitting device.

2. Structure

The structure of LED screen is complex, which is composed of several layers. OLED does not need backlight, which is lighter and thinner in structure, and can be bent and folded at will.

3. Luminescence principle

LED is a display mode by controlling semiconductor light-emitting diodes. OLEDs emit light by driving the organic film itself by current.

4. Contrast

LEDs cannot control all pixels and need to block light through liquid crystal molecules. OLED can turn off independent pixels and set their brightness to zero.

5. Response speed

The response time of LED is very long, and the minimum is about 2ms. OLED response speed is very fast, and the response time can reach the microsecond level.

The above is about the difference between LED and OLED. I hope it will be helpful to you.

(this article is compiled from it encyclopedia, Baidu Encyclopedia, Baidu know and Zhongguancun Online)

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