Glory smart screen can be said to be one of the most concerned technology products in the past two months, because it is not only Huawei’s first TV product, but also the first product equipped with Hongmeng operating system. On Saturday (August 10), glory smart screen finally met us officially. For the glory wisdom screen, I believe there must be many questions in your heart. Why is it called “smart screen” instead of TV? What is the difference between it and ordinary smart TV? In this article, we will answer these questions one by one.

No matter what the official propaganda, when you see the glory smart screen with your own eyes, it is impossible not to treat it as a TV. However, if the glory smart screen does not have some special selling points, I’m afraid Huawei dare not say that it is “not TV, but the future of TV”. TV has gradually lost its position as a home entertainment center, while Huawei hopes to let the glory smart screen bring users back to the living room. How can they do this?

First, they made the smart screen into the control center of smart home. Due to the access to Huawei’s hilink network, the smart screen can be linked with the smart home products in the user’s home. Through the remote control or yoyo voice assistant, you can directly control these devices, or execute preset scenarios to realize the linkage between multiple devices. Secondly, the glory wisdom screen is also the emotional center of your family.

This word sounds a little mysterious, but it’s actually easy to understand. Glory smart screen is equipped with a lifting AI camera, which is usually hidden in the fuselage and will be raised to work when necessary. With the existence of the camera, users can make video calls directly with the smart screen. For family members who are not familiar with mobile phone operation, they can directly use TV to talk to their families. For example, if you and your family are not in the same city, they can make a video call with you through the smart screen.

Smart skin also has a message board function. Family members who are not at home can put messages on the smart screen through supporting applications, and members who are at home can transmit messages to mobile phones through the smart screen. In addition to leaving messages, when you go out, you can easily send photos back to the smart screen with your mobile phone to realize remote sharing with your family. Zhihuiping also has a family photo album function. Family members can put their photos in and share them with their families

With the existence of these functions, the smart screen can indeed become an emotional center for family communication. Another feature of Zhihui screen is that it can be seamlessly connected with smart phones. First of all, it brings mobile phone control to a new level. The picture on the TV can be directly displayed on the mobile phone, allowing you to control it directly through the touch screen. In this way, your mobile phone becomes a more advanced and powerful remote control.

In addition to the picture, the sound played by the TV can also be transmitted to the mobile phone speaker for playback. In this way, you can wear headphones to watch TV and avoid affecting the rest of your family. In addition, you can also put the mobile phone image on the smart screen. There is no need to use the application to cast the screen. Just use the mobile phone to scan the NFC chip on the remote control. After the connection is established, you can put the photos and videos on your mobile phone on the TV.

In addition to the ordinary screen projection function, you can also turn the smart screen into a computer desktop through your mobile phone to carry out some lightweight office tasks. Is there a big difference between glory smart screen and ordinary smart TV? I don’t think it’s big enough for us not to watch it as TV.

Frankly speaking, the official publicity before the official release of the product is somewhat exaggerated. The highly anticipated Hongmeng operating system is just an alternative to Android on the smart screen, and does not bring much to people’s eyes. Of course, Hongmeng’s strength has not been fully demonstrated, and we are still full of expectations for its future performance.

However, it is obvious that many intelligent functions provided by glory smart screen are a step further than traditional smart TV, whether as a smart home control center, an emotional center for communicating with family, or interconnection with mobile phones. Therefore, we can say that the glory smart screen is a TV, but it is not just a TV. It is indeed like a large screen mobile phone, which can do some things that traditional TV can’t do – these features will give it a better advantage in the future market competition.

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