Preface: when it comes to virtual reality, there is “second life” in the Internet era and “decentraland” in the blockchain era. What is the most essential difference between the two? Decentraland is a virtual world owned by users. All the virtual land on it and the buildings on it are owned by the owner forever. However, the current decentraland is still very primitive, and there is still a long way to go compared with the mature “second life”. However, as long as users pay enough attention to the full ownership of personal virtual property, decentraland will gradually gain more users’ favor. According to decentraland’s online treasure hunt, the number of award-winning users has reached 6000 + and the number of participating users has reached 12000 +. Now it’s still early. Let’s see how far it will develop in the future.

Decentraland, one of the unusual projects to get financing during the cryptocurrency boom, is making its debut and may not be very successful in terms of financial returns for the original participants.

Decentraland is a virtual world owned by users in which people have already spent real money on land and other properties. The project crowdfunded $20 million in 2017.

Nowadays, many token holders are trying to trade goods and services with virtual community tokens in order to find ways to make profits. Although it is down from its high in 2018, the token has more than doubled this year. Decentraland’s virtual land is also booming, with about $1 million sold in the past 10 days, according to nonfungible. This makes decentraland’s virtual property the largest virtual property in the Ethereum blockchain by far. (notes of blue fox: the top three trading volume in NFT field are decentraland, godsinchained and cryptovoxels)

“We believe that people inevitably spend a lot of time in the virtual world,” said Mark Murphy, chief operating officer of digital currency group, an investor in decentraland and mana

What is the difference between decentraland and second life in the era of blockchain

For example, the transaction volume of virtual assets in decentraland has more than ten times that of encryption cat. Encryption cat is a famous collectable virtual cat. It can breed and once made Ethereum network in a big jam.

Decentraland is run by a newly established decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). In fact, the software is based on Ethereum’s digital ledger. The software has money to fund developers to develop virtual worlds and owns public land such as squares and roads. Moreover, because it is only the software on the distributed server network, it can not be shut down easily and has a certain anti censorship.

“It’s unprecedented that users can control their digital assets,” ARI meilich, project leader at decentraland, said in a telephone interview. We think that over time, players will tend to play games that are more controlled by themselves. “

What is the difference between decentraland and second life in the era of blockchain

In more than two years of work, decentraland virtual world was launched when Shanzhai coin began to rebound. When the bubble burst in 2018, many copycat currencies collapsed and many projects could not survive.

Decentraland uses about half of the crowd funding to pay more than 30 developers, meilich said. Today, thousands of people, including dozens of creative studios, are creating content for the virtual world, one third of which is built-in.

“We’ve found that land similar to our content is already increasing in value, so many people recently started asking us to build on their land.” Said A. Daniel Garcia, chief executive of creative development studio polygonal mind. Polygonal mind works with land owners in decentraland to build arcade games, art galleries, shops and transportation systems. (notes of blue fox: polygonal mind is similar to the builder of virtual world. It designs and builds virtual objects for the owners of land.)

The community has entered a crowded market. Other virtual worlds based on digital ledgers, such as sandbox and cryptovoxels, are also growing rapidly. The virtual world “second life” is still full of vitality and mature. In addition, players are very happy to socialize, buy and sell virtual items in the game (such as minecraft and roblox). There is not enough evidence to show that players attach importance to ownership and censorship. If there is enough attention, it will drive players to move from other games to encrypted virtual games.

Unlike many other virtual worlds, decentraland does not need to download software. It can be accessed through a browser. The community wants it to have hundreds of thousands of users in a year, meilich said. Second life was launched in 2003 and has about 750000 users.

Yoshio Osaki, chief executive of IDG consulting, a game research organization, said: “there are a lot of generation Z / millennials who are spending more time on twitch, youtube, mixer and so on. I think the only difference between decentraland and second life is in the aspect of blockchain. If this ecosystem gains traction, it may be very interesting. “

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