In the industrial environment and home optical fiber broadband, it is inevitable to encounter the problem of network cable selection. How to select the network cable, how to distinguish the network cable, what is the difference between super class 5 network cable and super class 6 network cable? How to choose in generic cabling project? As a typical category of the most widely used connection products, we are often confused by a variety of homogeneous parameters. How can we reduce the purchase cost of network cable, and whether these low-cost network cables can meet our stable system requirements? L-com to teach you.

What is the difference between category 5 and category 6?

1. CAT5e, cat6a: the display of CAT5e and cat6a

2. Super class 6 cable is an upgraded version of super class 5 cable

3. Bandwidth limitation of category 5 and category 6 cable: the bandwidth of category 5 cable is 100m, and that of category 6 cable is 500m.

4. The difference in structure between super class 5 cable and super class 6 cable: in addition to high-quality oxygen free copper material, low smoke and halogen-free external call sleeve, super class 6 cable has more cross frame design than super class 5 cable, so the isolation effect is better.

5. On the color selection of super five and Super Six: super five has green and blue environmental colors, and super six has other customized colors besides blue.

6. There are shielded cable and unshielded cable in super class 5 cable. In addition to the above two kinds of cable, double shielded cable is added in super class 6 cable.

7. Price of super five and Super Six: the price of Super Six is higher than that of super five.

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