The download speed is nearly twice the difference. The high-priced package access service is better than the low-priced package

Recently, some mobile phone users found that the packages announced by the three major communication operators show that 5g packages with different prices not only have different traffic, but also have higher network speed services. According to the investigation of the reporter of Beijing Youth Daily, the 5g package services sold by the three major communication operators, China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom, in addition to different prices and different traffic, are divided into two grades in terms of network service rights: low price package with low network speed and high price package with high network speed. The difference between the two is explained in a popular way. Take downloading a GB as an example. The low-cost Internet speed takes 2 seconds, while the high-cost Internet speed takes only 1 second.

5g package service classification

Download speed nearly doubled

It can be seen on the official website of China Mobile that 5g packages are divided into seven levels in terms of price and traffic, with a minimum of 128 yuan / month and 30g traffic; Up to 598 yuan / month, 300g flow. In terms of Internet speed services, there are two levels, with 198 yuan / month as the boundary, including and below 198 yuan, users’ rights and interests are 5g preferential services. For packages above 198 yuan, users can enjoy 5g express service rights. What’s the difference between premium and extreme Internet speeds? How fast is the super speed Internet? According to the customer service personnel of China Mobile, taking downloading a GB as an example, it takes 2 seconds to enjoy the optimal network speed, and only 1 second to enjoy the extreme network speed. The difference in network speed is double, but it is difficult to observe the difference with the naked eye.

As shown in the description of China 5g package network rights and interests, 5g premium service and 5g express service are the network service rights and interests launched by China Mobile. First, the network service rights and interests provide 5g network high-speed services. In the case of good 5g network coverage and no network congestion, the downstream peak rate of 5g express service is better than 5g premium service; Second, the network service rights and interests provide better access service guarantee in the case of network congestion, in which the access service guarantee ability of 5g extreme service is better than 5g premium service.

China Unicom 5g package is divided into 9 levels, with a minimum of 129 yuan / month and a traffic of 30 GB; Up to 999 yuan / month, with a flow of 500 GB.

In terms of network speed service, Chinatelecom is divided into three grades: preferential service, extreme service and privileged service according to the different needs of users. Among them, RMB 129 and RMB 159 products provide preferential services, with a maximum downlink rate of 500MB per second and a maximum uplink rate of 100MB per second; RMB 199, RMB 239, RMB 399 and RMB 599 products provide 5g high-speed services, with the maximum downlink rate of 1GB per second and the maximum uplink rate of 100MB per second; The 799 yuan and 999 yuan products provide 5g premium services, with the maximum downlink rate of 2GB per second and the maximum uplink rate of 100MB per second.

Chinatelecom divides the 5g network speed benefits into two grades according to the package price: 129 yuan / month and 169 yuan / month, and you can get a gold member; You can get a platinum member at 199 yuan or above. According to the customer service personnel of Chinatelecom, in terms of network speed, the uplink speed of gold members and Platinum members is the same: 100MB per second. There are some differences in the downlink rate. The downlink rate of gold members is 500MB per second, and that of Platinum members is 1GB per second.

Different price and traffic levels

Users should handle it on demand

At present, China Mobile 5g package is carrying out a 70% discount promotion. The discounted price of the 128 yuan package is 90 yuan / month, the traffic is 30GB, the call fee is 200 minutes, and the contract period is 12 months, which makes Mr. Chen, a 4G user, very excited. At present, Mr. Chen’s 4G package is 88 yuan per month. The traffic is only 10GB and the call fee is 30 minutes. Moreover, he has personally experienced the advantages of 5g network. In an online lottery held by the company last year, when the host shouted “start”, his 4G mobile phone instantly got stuck, and the “start lottery” icon could not be clicked. He watched helplessly as attractive prizes such as apple handsets and electronic door locks were taken away by others.

Industry insiders believe that at present, ordinary users generally use home WiFi, stream free packets, etc. they belong to a 4G network, and the rate is generally 100MB upstream and 40MB downstream, which is economical. However, in playing games, grabbing tickets, online lottery and other links, the advantages of 5g network speed can be highlighted. 5g packages are divided into different grades in terms of price and traffic. Users can apply for packages on demand.

It is reported that the network speed of 5g is more than 10 times that of 4G. When the 5g network environment is good, 1g files can be downloaded in 1 to 3 seconds, basically not more than 10 seconds. At the same time, only half of the TV series have been downloaded on 4G network, and 10 episodes have been downloaded on 5g network.

580000 5g base stations were added last year

The number of terminal connections has exceeded 200million

According to the data of the Ministry of industry and information technology, the number of 5g users grew very fast in 2020, and the number of 5g terminal connections has exceeded 200million. Last year, China added 580000 5g base stations, promoted the co construction and sharing of 330000 5g base stations, and achieved 5g coverage in all cities. The scale of 5g users in China has expanded rapidly at the same time. The scale of users has exploded at the rate of adding tens of millions of users every month. By the end of 2020, there are nearly 200million 5g mobile terminal connections in China. 5g industry applications are gradually put into commercial use. There are more than 1100 projects under construction of “5g+ industrial Internet”, which are distributed in mining, port, steel, automobile and other industries. They are committed to R & D, production, visual inspection, precision remote control and other fields, forming a number of mature solutions.
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