This paper is mainly about the introduction of curved surface TV, and focuses on the detailed comparative analysis of the differences between 3000r and 4000R curved surface TV.

Curved TV

Curved TV refers to a TV with a certain curvature and a certain curved shape. Generally, the curvature of curved TV is basically the same as that of human eyeball. Curved TV is a masterpiece of science and technology based on the use of advanced technologies such as flexible screens thinner than flat screen TV. In short, the screen is not the current straight line type, but creatively changes the straight line to a slightly concave curve, thus presenting a more amazing visual effect. Moreover, the curved TV is consistent with the curved human eye structure, which is more ergonomically consistent with the human eye design, and can bring a more comfortable feeling to the human eye.

Second, because the human eyeball is spherical, viewing the pure plane display screen is actually “distorted”, and the larger the screen size is, the more obvious it is. The radian of curved TV fully meets the ergonomic requirements, and the user’s viewing experience is more natural. The user can truly feel the cinema level picture feeling brought by the curved screen display technology. The curved screen can achieve a better visual angle on the left and right sides, which is more natural, more comfortable and more outstanding.

Industry experts showed five advantages of curved surface TV over traditional flat screen TV:

First, the arc shape is more beautiful. Just as people prefer streamlined car appearance and circular arc outline mobile phones, it conforms to modern aesthetics.

Second, the surface structure can obtain a larger display area in a limited space. A 55 inch traditional flat panel can be placed in the 1.3m wide space, but a 58 inch curved TV can be placed.

Third, the viewing angle is wider. The arc design increases the visible image range, and part of the picture display can be seen at an appropriate angle behind the TV.

Fourth, it brings a more realistic picture telepresence. Like the image surround feeling brought by the curved IMAX screen, the 3D display is immersive.

Fifth, human visual experience is more comfortable. The arc display conforms to the spherical characteristics of the human eye, which can make every point on the screen reach the eye at the same distance, eliminate the visual distortion at the edge of the screen, and create the most natural and comfortable appearance.

What is the difference between 3000r and 4000R curved TV

Curvature determines the image quality and sense of scene of curved display. The smaller the value of curvature, the greater the bending amplitude. From the actual market price of products, the smaller the curvature, the higher the manufacturing cost, and the more expensive the price.

From the 4000R at the beginning of 2015 to the later 3000r and 2000r, to the current popular 1800r and the larger arc 1500r, the curvature is also getting larger and larger, which also enables users to experience a more shocking and delicate display effect and a wider field of vision in both video and games.

For entertainment audio and video, users pay special attention to the sense of immersion and bringing in. The smaller the curvature, the more obvious the surrounding effect the users feel, and the curved display has been developing towards the direction of large curvature. Curved displays can also bring a better sense of presence and substitution, especially for games and audio and video. Compared with flat-panel displays of the same size, curved displays have a broader perspective.

However, it does not mean that the smaller the curvature is, the better. It also needs to consider the size of the LCD screen and the best viewing distance of the user, because if the curvature is too small, the whole picture will look deformed and uncomfortable to watch.

Therefore, only the curvature of the circle with the radius of the best audio-visual distance is the best curvature of the display. Now the curvature is generally 1800r, which not only bends obviously, but also fits the habits of the human eye.

In short, for our consumers, why do we need a curved display? Because the curved screen design will better fit the physiological curve structure of the human eye, so as to create a zero distortion visual experience, alleviate the eye fatigue of the viewer and enhance the comfort. The curved screen can create an immersive visual enjoyment for the majority of users due to the surrounding feeling on both sides.

Different curvature difference of curved TV

How to select a curved TV? The corresponding curvature should be selected for different viewing distances. When the size is fixed, the closer the viewing distance is to the radius of the curved surface, the more in line with the physiological structure of the eye, and the better the viewing experience.

Therefore, the viewing experience is optimal only when the viewing distance is equal to the radius of the surface. When we watch TV at home, the viewing distance is within a certain range, so the curvature of curved TV is required to adapt to the daily viewing distance of most families.

Generally speaking, 3000r is selected for less than 50 inches and 4000R is selected for more than 50 inches. In addition to the natural high-end attribute of curved surface TV, models with a curvature of 4000R above 55 inches are relatively the most common. For the same type of TV, it adapts to different curvatures according to the size, and gives these two curvatures. Hisense m5600 curved surface series TV has achieved this.

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Ifa2016 Samsung exhibited the cfg70 curved quantum dot game display, which can show a color gamut coverage of 125%srgb, bring brilliant colors and adopt an environmentally friendly cadmium free design. As a 24 inch display, its curvature is 1800r. Because of its small size and the user is closer to the screen, 1800r curvature is the most appropriate.

Advantages and disadvantages of curved TV

Experience the true feeling of curved LCD

Before that, we need to understand some characteristics of curved display. The curvature of the display is represented by the radius of the circle to which the arc belongs. For example, a displayed curvature of 1800r indicates the bending degree of an arc on a circle with a radius of 1800mm. The curved screen can ensure the equal distance between the eyes and the screen, close to the physiological structure of the human eye, and eliminate visual distortion, so as to create a more comfortable and broad visual experience for users, and bring better surrounding effect to users, just like a theater.

Curved screen can ensure equal distance between eyes and screen, and bring better immersive experience to users

The first time I used a curved surface display was the 1800r, 31.5-inch curved surface display. At that time, I didn’t feel much. I just felt that the curved surface was tall and the large screen was also great. However, after replacing the flat-panel monitor, because of the habit of human eyes, the screen will feel “convex” for a long time. I wonder if other little friends have this feeling? However, it is easy to change from flat to curved, and difficult to change from curved to flat. Users must take this into account when changing the display.

Curved LCD should focus on product segmentation

In fact, the wide view panel used by most monitors at present can also make the player look at the screen from all angles, and it is a bit weak to match the surface. In addition, we generally use the display at a distance of 60-80cm. Even the maximum curvature 1500r that can be achieved at present is an arc with a radius of 1.5m, that is, if we want to make the surface close to the arc of human eyes and see the best visual effect, we must stand at the center of the circle 1.5m away from the display. But for office users, this is obviously unrealistic. Let alone surfaces with 3000r and 4000R curvature, such curved displays are not much different from flat panel displays.

When subdividing the curved surface display, it is best for businesses to put it on the entertainment video and E-sports

Therefore, for ordinary office, the surface is not useful. In comparison, the curved surface is more suitable for family viewing and game entertainment, especially the triple screen composed of it, which can really bring better surrounding effect and immersive experience to the players when playing games. Of course, the players’ position should be a little far away from the screen, and it is best to be in the best position, that is, the “center of the circle”.


That’s all for the introduction of curved surface TV. If there are any deficiencies, please correct them.

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