Intelligent video monitoring technology can realize independent monitoring of the monitoring subject and early warning. Intelligent video surveillance is the application of computer vision algorithm in video analysis. At present, intelligent video surveillance system is divided into active intelligent surveillance system and distributed intelligent video surveillance system.

Early intelligent video surveillance system products appeared in the market, which really caused a commotion, and many special application scenarios and application environments can indeed bring great value to customers. For example, the pedestrian flow statistics technology of shopping malls has brought great technical support to the data analysis of shopping malls. For example, the value of license plate recognition technology to public security traffic management can not be measured by data. However, video analysis technology is not yet fully mature. At present, it should still be in the primary stage of technology application, and there are still many problems. These problems may also be the main factors restricting the rapid development of intelligent video surveillance system:

1、 The detection accuracy can not reach the ideal effect. The accuracy of video analysis technology basically can not achieve a very ideal effect, especially in the application of real-time alarm. The false alarm rate and missing alarm rate are the most concerned problems of customers. If the false alarm is too high, customers can’t stand it. If the false alarm is missed, customers can’t stand it even more. Especially for some applications with high requirements, as long as there is leakage, the actual effect is not great.

What is the development process of video surveillance system

2、 It is greatly disturbed by the environment. The biggest problem of video analysis technology is that it is too disturbed by the environment and video quality. The interference of light, sundries, bad weather, shaking and flying insects will make the effect of the application system very poor, even invalid and unable to work normally.

3、 Complex installation and commissioning. Almost all intelligent analysis application products need different parameter debugging according to each application scenario, and many professional parameter debugging will be involved. Non professionals can’t debug the ideal effect at all.

Breakthrough of intelligent video surveillance system in the future:

Overall, the biggest factor limiting the application of intelligent video surveillance system is the accuracy. Therefore, the development trend of the application of intelligent video surveillance system is certainly moving towards improving the accuracy. On the other hand, we will also look for some application directions that do not care about accuracy but pay more attention to efficiency. There should be several aspects of development:

1、 Add judging information from the source. The promotion of binocular camera should be a general direction. Binocular camera has two lenses, and the obtained video contains the depth information of the target. The analysis algorithm can follow up through these information, accurately judge the distance, depth, height and other information between objects, and improve the accuracy of the overall algorithm.

2、 Research and application of various self-learning and adaptive algorithms. Subsequent intelligent analysis products should have powerful self-learning and adaptive functions. It can automatically learn and filter according to different complex environments, and automatically filter some interference targets in video. So as to improve the accuracy and reduce the debugging complexity. For example, the development and in-depth application of anti jitter algorithm, repeated moving object filtering, automatic filtering of small objects, automatic suppression of strong light, three-dimensional modeling and other technologies.

3、 Video data mining applications are developing rapidly. With the rapid development of video analysis technology, the amount of video data is also very large. How to make video analysis technology play a role in big data has also become a direction of attention. Various algorithms are used to search, label and identify the things with different attributes in a large number of video data, so as to achieve the rapid search and retrieval of the content in a large number of data. Greatly reduce labor costs and improve efficiency. Even in some ways, it makes it possible for some tasks that cannot be completed manually. For example: face database retrieval, ID card database repeated personnel search, video wearing certain clothes, vehicle search of certain color, license plate search, and even image search (enter a picture to find a fragment similar to the picture).

Intelligence, digitization and networking are the inevitable trend of the development of video surveillance. The emergence of intelligent video surveillance is the direct embodiment of this trend. Intelligent video monitoring equipment has more powerful image processing ability and intelligent factors than ordinary network video monitoring equipment, so it can provide users with more advanced video analysis functions. It can greatly improve the ability of video monitoring system and make video resources play a greater role. In order to promote the development of intelligent video industry and achieve win-win results, it is necessary to reasonably organize all these participants, such as monitoring equipment hardware suppliers, intelligent video software suppliers, distributors, dealers and system integrators, so that they can give full play to their respective advantages and create a comprehensive solution that can meet the needs of end users.

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