This year, the novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak in China and even the world. Internet of things, wireless transmission, identification and certification and other application technologies have played an important role in the epidemic and the resumption of work. Among them, the Internet of things technology based on RFID tag plays an important role in retail, warehousing and industry.

What is the development of Al RFID Internet of things technology

Non contact management is the main feature of RFID IOT solutions. During the epidemic period, RFID temperature sensitive tags of unmanned stores, vending machines and hospitals, warehouse management tags produced by factories and RFID tag identification of unmanned logistics, etc. these applications reflect the advantages of RFID tag based solutions. Non contact management can not only ensure the safety of use, but also prevent pollution, It can also avoid the loss caused by the lack of personnel or human error.

Compared with the traditional warehouse logistics management: record by hand, input by hand, time-consuming, laborious, error prone, data query difficult to track, low efficiency, error potential. Under the condition of epidemic situation, personnel are limited, and manual entry is replaced by automatic identification of bar code, which improves the efficiency of warehouse management accurately. The application of information identification technology represented by RFID in the emergency logistics task under the epidemic situation will be revolutionary. It can solve not only the problem of automation, but also the problem of information tracking. In the field of lack of database support, the rapid identification of information becomes the key problem.

RFID as a means of data collection, it will play a great role in improving the efficiency of supply chain and asset management. This epidemic has made everyone realize that when everyone has to stay at home as much as possible, the factory needs to produce medical materials, food and drugs, the goods need to be transported after production, and the front warehouse needs to be stored and distributed. All these are expected to be completed under the situation that the fewer people participate, the clearer and more transparent the supply chain data, and the higher the efficiency. The RFID Internet of things technology in its case can solve these problems, to a certain extent, it is also the RFID tag solution of information, platform, digital value.

RFID Internet of things technology has been gradually realized and developed since 2003. Under the influence of the epidemic situation, it reflects the efficiency of its non-contact management. On the future development road, factory manufacturing, logistics traceability, urban management, smart medical and other fields will also be popularized one by one, and other usable fields will also be gradually tried.

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