What is the converter for?

The converter can convert one signal into another signal device with low cost. The converter can be divided into analog / digital converter. Generally, the power converter is often used in electric vehicles, which can overcome the shortage of concurrency ability of single machine system, and directly convert the DC-DC converter from high-voltage DC to low-voltage DC to supplement the battery.

The converter needs a certain internal front-end bandwidth. The stop band of the circuit or device that ADC converts the analog-to-digital converter into digital signal shall be able to continuously suppress the useless frequencies outside the analog internal front-end band of the converter. Quantization and coding can realize this function.

There are many kinds of a / D converters. The digital signal can be obtained on the basis of quantization and coding. The code is the digital quantity output by the A / D converter. The smaller the difference between discrete levels, the smaller the quantization error. The quantization error belongs to the principle error, so it is adopted by most a / D converters.

Each resistance value of the digital to analog converter circuit is determined according to the bit weight of the 4-bit binary number. The speed of the A / D converter is relatively slow, so the conversion speed of the converter is stored in each digit of the digital quantity of the digital register.

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