What is the concept of special robot

Special robots refer to robots other than industrial robots, public service robots and personal service robots. It generally refers to professional service robots.

Special robots are used in professional fields. They are generally operated or used by specially trained personnel to assist and / or replace people to perform tasks.

What is the concept of special robot_ What are the special robots

What are the special robots

According to the main industries in which special robots are used, special robots can be divided into: agricultural robots, electric robots, construction robots, logistics robots, medical robots, nursing robots, rehabilitation robots, security and rescue robots, military robots, nuclear industry robots, mining robots, petrochemical robots Municipal Engineering robots and robots in other industries.

According to the space used by special robots (land, water, air and space), special robots can be divided into: ground robots, underground robots, surface robots, underwater robots, air robots, space robots and other robots.

According to the motion modes of special robots, they are divided into wheeled robots, tracked robots, foot legged robots, peristaltic robots, flying robots, submersible robots, fixed robots, jet robots, wearable robots, compound robots and other motion mode robots.

Classification by function: the functional classification of special robots is related to the industry. Common functions mainly include mining, installation, detection, maintenance, repair, patrol inspection, reconnaissance, explosive removal, search and rescue, transportation, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, cleaning, etc.

What is the concept of special robot_ What are the special robots

Application of special robot

Special robot is a kind of robot which has been rapidly developed and widely used in recent years. It is applied in all industries of China’s national economy. Its application scope mainly includes: agriculture, electric power, construction, logistics, medical treatment, nursing, rehabilitation, security and rescue, military, nuclear industry, mining, petrochemical industry, municipal engineering, etc.

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