CPU is the abbreviation of central processing unit. As the operation and control core of computer system, it is the final execution unit of information processing and program running. Since the emergence of CPU, it has made great progress in logic structure, operation efficiency and function extension.

The central processing unit (CPU) is one of the main equipment of the electronic computer and the core accessories of the computer. Its main function is to interpret computer instructions and process data in computer software. CPU is the core part of computer which is responsible for reading instructions, decoding and executing instructions. The central processing unit mainly includes two parts: the controller, the arithmetic unit, the high-speed buffer memory, the data bus and the control bus. The three core components of electronic computer are CPU, internal memory and I / O device. The main functions of CPU are processing instructions, executing operations, controlling time and processing data.

In the computer architecture, CPU is the core hardware unit which controls and allocates all the hardware resources (such as memory, input and output unit) of the computer and performs general operations. CPU is the core of computer operation and control. The operation of all software layers in computer system will be mapped to the operation of CPU through instruction set.


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