We must be familiar with conductors and insulators. Conductors refer to objects (metals, etc.) that are easy to circulate electricity, while insulators refer to objects (rubber or plastics, etc.) that are difficult to circulate electricity. Do you know what a super insulation meter / high resistance meter is?

A measuring instrument for measuring the higher resistance (insulation resistance) of an insulator. As a measuring instrument to evaluate safety and reliability, it is not only used in electrical parts, but also used in various fields such as material evaluation.

Q1. What are the measurement methods of insulation resistance?

The common measurement methods are voltage and current meter method, bridge method and potential difference meter method

What is super insulation meter and how to measure insulation resistance

Q2. Why should DC voltage be applied when measuring insulation?

An insulating object can be represented by an equivalent circuit diagram in which the resistance component and the capacitance component are connected in parallel. By applying DC voltage, the charge charging phenomenon corresponding to the applied voltage and electrostatic capacity will occur in the capacity component of the measured object. After charging, the DC current will no longer flow through the capacitor component. At this time, the DC current will only flow through the resistance component of the measured object. This is the leakage current flowing through the measured object (dielectric).

Q3. What is the difference between insulation resistance measurement and super insulation measurement?

Although the measurement methods of insulation resistance and super insulation resistance are the same, the purpose of measurement is different.

Insulation resistance measurement is to confirm the insulation degree of the insulation parts, so the purpose is only to measure the insulation degree of the designed equipment, and the resistance value itself is not of great significance.

Super insulation resistance measurement is to measure high resistance, which is used to evaluate the characteristics of objects, such as the characteristics of semiconductors, surface and volume resistivity measurement, etc. The resistance value itself is meaningful, so the precision is better, and it can be measured in a wide range.

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