As we all know, in the early years, colleges and universities have indeed trained a large number of embedded system teachers, but many of them have been separated from the front-line scientific research for a long time, and the teachers engaged in embedded scientific research are often busy with heavy scientific research work, so it is difficult to go deep into the teaching reform of embedded system basic course.

For embedded beginners, a good embedded learning route is essential, it can make you less detours in the process of learning. With the continuous change of the market and the change of enterprise employment demand, the embedded learning route should also change with the continuous change, closely combined with the current popular technology in the market, learning anytime and anywhere for application.

Embedded products are no longer “cold” professional equipment in the past. The dynamic “cool” products in actual combat training have enough attraction for our students. For example, students can make smart TVs, tablets, smart bracelets, smart watches, and even four-axis aircraft and smart cars by themselves, which can directly stimulate students’ strong interest and motivation in learning.

Embedded learning is embedded Linux system, Android system development learning, mainly about the method of embedded learning, embedded learning route, interest and the necessity of learning embedded.

What is embedded learning? Embedded learning is to truly “embed” learning into daily work, so that learning knowledge can be effectively transformed. Embedded learning mode believes that if the learning content is related to the work, the employees have the greatest enthusiasm for learning. In today’s rapidly changing learning environment, it is difficult for the traditional structured curriculum to predict the various complex problems encountered by the employees at work, so it is difficult to provide the best solution to the problems. When the employees encounter difficulties at work, they can organize through internal learning It is called embedded learning to get the method to solve the problem quickly and get the knowledge. Embedded learning has the characteristics of providing instant learning support, emphasizing cooperation, introducing learning technology and combining learning with work.

Starting from zero basis: this part mainly requires us to master the basis skillfully, which one can be skillful. Only when we master the basis skillfully can we clear the obstacles for learning.

The importance of Linux command: Linux is an operating system composed of command line, the essence of which lies in the command line. No matter what level the graphical interface develops to, these two principles will not change. Linux command has many powerful functions: from simple disk operation, file access, to the production of complex multimedia images and streaming media files.

Choose a good reference book: a book suitable for novices can open their thinking and make them suddenly bright. Once you choose the wrong book, beginners may have a series of questions, and gradually lose interest in learning. For the choice of books, you can go to the official website of asiem: one stop learning of Linux C programming

Choose a suitable Linux distribution for you

At present, there are more than 100 Linux distributions around the world, and more than 10 common versions can be found in China. According to your needs and abilities, RedHat Linux and Debian Linux are ideal choices for network administrators. For readers who are not very good at English, the Chinese versions of red flag Linux and bid winning Linux are more suitable. Now some Linux websites have some free downloads of Linux versions. Students can go to their class teachers to copy the versions for teaching.

Develop the ability to work at the command line:

Be sure to form the habit of working under the command line. You should know that X-window is only an application program running in the command line mode. Learning from the command line is slow at the beginning, but after you are familiar with it, your future learning will grow exponentially. From the perspective of network administrators, the command line is actually a rule, which is always effective and flexible. Even through a slow modem line, it can operate remote systems thousands of kilometers away

Choose a suitable Linux community for you:

With the expansion of Linux applications, there are many linux communities. There are some very good communities. Recommended for beginners Linux community: Linux Eden, excellent Linux + Oracle technology portal, China Linux commune.

Diligent in practice:

To increase their Linux skills, only through practice to achieve. Therefore, we must be diligent in practice in learning, you will gain more

Learning Linux with UNIX thinking

Linux is designed according to UNIX thought. To understand and master Linux, we must follow UNIX thought. Ideological change is more useful than temporary technical improvement, because it can help you speed up your learning.

In addition, in the process of learning and practice, we should pay attention to a few points.

1、 Embedded basic learning

1. Embedded Linux system is the operating platform for us to learn Embedded, so you need to be familiar with this system before you can go on the next step.

2. Learning embedded, programming is the foundation, so you need to be proficient in C language on the way of learning embedded. It is recommended that students who want to learn can watch the video {embedded Linux C language learning video}.

3. The mastery of data structure and some algorithms, which can lay the foundation for future projects.

The above is the basic part of learning embedded development. This part of embedded learning content is mainly some theoretical knowledge. The first thing for us is to understand the embedded industry and a basic development process of embedded products, which is of great help to your subsequent development.

2、 Core development of embedded system

1. Embedded application programming

2. Embedded Linux concurrent program design

3. Embedded network programming

4. Embedded database development

5. Integrated project of embedded Linux application

6. C + +, Qt development

3、 Embedded bottom layer

The learning of the bottom layer of embedded system is related to the learning of embedded system. How to carry out your program on the development board will touch the system transplantation, kernel development, etc., which can also be regarded as the top-level thing of embedded system. Therefore, you need to understand the embedded Linux system development and the driver development foundation.

4、 It’s the practice of embedded system

In the process of learning embedded, we should exercise more, contact projects as much as possible, and combine theory with practice. Only in this way can we learn embedded knowledge firmly in our mind, and we should not miss many real practical projects.

Embedded learning has a certain technical threshold, and the difficulty of embedded learning is relatively high. However, due to the good prospect of career development, experts in the industry recommend to participate in embedded training, through which you can get started quickly and become a popular embedded talent.

With the rapid development of the Internet, embedded technology is becoming more and more popular. More and more people are involved in the development of embedded technology. So if you want to learn Embedded Technology, where should you start to learn and how to learn embedded learning roadmap? I hope the above content can help you a little, learning is not an overnight thing, want to learn Embedded, in addition to reading to learn, the actual operation is also very important, theory combined with practice can better learn to master this technology.

Nowadays, from the development field, talent demand and other employment direction and other factors, the prospect of learning embedded is very broad. In the future intelligent era, embedded engineers need not worry about the employment prospect.

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