DSP chip is unfamiliar to many people. It is mainly used in signal processing, image processing, sound language and other places. So what is a DSP chip? What’s the difference between it and general purpose microprocessors. Next, I will simply introduce what DSP chip is and what is the difference between DSP chip and general microprocessor.

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1、 What is DSP chip

1. What is DSP chip

DSP chip is also known as digital signal processor, which is often used in military, medical, household appliances and other fields. According to its working clock and instruction type, it can be divided into static DSP chip and consistent DSP chip. According to its working data format, it is divided into fixed-point DSP chip and floating-point DSP chip. We can also divide it into general-purpose DSP chip and special-purpose DSP chip according to its different uses.

2. Characteristics of DSP chip

Generally speaking, the program and data of DSP chip are stored separately, and there is fast ram in it, so we can access instruction and data at the same time through data bus. DSP chip can support hardware without overhead cycle and jump, and can perform multiple operations in parallel, such as finger fetching, decoding and other operations can be repeated. It has many advantages, such as good stability, high precision, large-scale integration and so on. However, it has high power consumption and high cost.

3. The price of DSP chip

The price of the DSP chip is about 45 yuan.

The price of the DSP chip development board is about 25 yuan.

The price of TI’s DSP chip is about 25 yuan.

The price of rich bit electronic DSP chip is about 30 yuan.

The above prices are from the network, for reference only.

2、 What is the difference between DSP chip and general microprocessor

1. General purpose microprocessors have been called microcontrollers, it is the computer system integrated into a chip. General purpose microprocessor is based on a microprocessor core, with a / D, flash RAM and other functions and peripherals. A single-chip microcomputer can extend a variety of products, match the application requirements to the maximum extent, and reduce the power consumption and cost.

2. DSP chip is to process digital signal quickly. It is separated from data bus and address bus in structure. It does not integrate computer system like microprocessor. It mainly deals with consumer products with intelligent logic, biometric identification terminal, ADSL access, virtual reality display, etc. Compared with MCU, its general function will be relatively weak.

Summary: about what is DSP chip and what is the difference between DSP chip and general-purpose microprocessor, I will introduce it here. I hope that after reading this article, we can understand the DSP chip.

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