In short, virtual machine is the software that allows us to run other operating systems in the current operating system, which is essentially the same as vs and QQ.

Therefore, as long as we install the virtual machine software on the computer (PC or notebook, etc.), we can simulate several independent virtual PC devices, each of which is a real computer. On this basis, we can install the specified operating system for each virtual PC device, so that we can run multiple operating systems on a computer at the same time.

In addition, these virtual systems can also be connected into a LAN to deploy deeper operation and maintenance technologies such as website cluster architecture. For such virtual technologies, interested readers can search “cluster” for details.

What is a virtual machine

As shown in Figure 1, it shows the virtual machine software VMware Workstation (VMware for short) installed on the windows 10 desktop operating system. Here, two PC devices are virtualized by configuring VMware, and Linux system (CentOS distribution) and windows system are installed on the two PCs respectively. The two virtual machines run independently on the same computer at the same time, almost no interference with each other, and can be in the same LAN, but also can communicate with each other.

After the introduction of virtual machine software, I believe readers should know what virtual machine software is. Next, the author introduces some common virtual machine software, as shown in Table 1.

What is a virtual machine

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