What is a smart community with a greater sense of gain, happiness and security?

Today, the reporter learned from the Social Governance Committee of Chengdu municipal Party committee that recently, Chengdu issued the guidelines for the construction of Tianfu smart community version 1.0, which proposed to improve the service management level of the community by intelligent means, setting a small goal for the construction of smart community.


The future life you want is here

The future life scene is inseparable from the support of hard core technology. The reporter learned that the guidelines for the construction of Tianfu smart community version 1.0 has built a “1 + 4 + n” functional architecture system around the dimensions closely related to each resident, such as security, service, life and Party Construction: build a “community micro brain” platform running on the cloud to be responsible for the overall management and real-time scheduling of the community; Build four modules: smart security, smart service, smart governance and smart party building to provide guidance for the construction of specific scenarios; Develop and land n intelligent application scenarios, and design the technical scheme and implementation path of informatization, digitization and intelligence for the pain points and difficulties of residents’ life, disaster prevention and reduction and property management in the community.

At the same time, the security of Tianfu smart community will be more comprehensive: the “three systems” of community security protection, key facilities protection and public area protection will use Internet of things, big data and other technologies to conduct matrix monitoring and intelligent sensing on the community perimeter, sensitive facilities, public places and important points, and support emergency alarm Active response devices such as escape and rescue guidance, and communities escorted by science and technology will be safer.

In terms of lifestyle, Tianfu smart community will also be more intelligent: the whole chain service supply ecology of online and offline integration will integrate the “three major services” of property, public and life, and multi-dimensional applications such as intelligent distribution, intelligent housekeeping, community convenience and intelligent health will be obtained through one click on the network.

Neighborhood relations will be more harmonious: palm autonomy will build an interactive platform for residents to negotiate and discuss online, organize activities, help the weak and rescue the poor; Cloud governance will correct the community atmosphere and lead the civilized fashion through civilization publicity list and credit management station; Online rule of law will open up professional legal service platforms at all levels and provide accurate and efficient legal advisory services and conflict mediation resources for residents.

Organizational strength will be stronger: smart party building will give full play to the fighting fortress role of grass-roots party organizations and the vanguard and exemplary role of Party members, deeply integrate into community affairs management, public service organizations and grass-roots social governance, lead and mobilize residents and multiple subjects, and build a grass-roots social governance community where everyone is responsible, everyone is responsible and everyone enjoys.

Co construction, CO governance and sharing

Smart community is waiting for you to “pull the grass”

It is reported that the guidelines for the construction of Tianfu smart community version 1.0 is a normative guide based on the practical experience of urban and rural community development and governance in Chengdu in the past three years and focusing on the construction of a future oriented social governance system, highlighting the characteristics of the times and the characteristics of Chengdu.


Comply with the change trend of technology driven governance mode such as “twin city construction” and “artificial intelligence application”, and make full use of cutting-edge technical means such as big data, blockchain, cloud computing, Internet of things and BIM to design application scenarios of smart community.


The guidelines cover many fields and systems, especially the overall design and scenario structure in terms of smart governance and smart services, focusing on strengthening overall work planning and breaking departmental boundaries, highlighting the advantages and characteristics of Community Development Governance in Chengdu.


Adhere to the problem orientation, build the scene and guide the path around the pain points and blocking points in the community governance, especially give intelligent solutions to the old and difficult problems such as building construction damage, underground pipe network disrepair, fire safety hazards and so on.


The reporter learned that version 1.0 of the guidelines has been opened through the pilot, and efforts have been made to promote but not limited to the existing scenarios. In future practice, versions 2.0 and 3.0 will be launched in due time according to the concept update and technical iteration, so as to continuously enrich the intelligent application scenarios.

Next, the Chengdu urban and rural community development and governance leading group will formulate special supporting documents for the guidelines for the construction of Tianfu smart community version 1.0, formulate open technical specifications, publish a rich list of opportunities, provide strong policy support, and comprehensively carry out the pilot construction of Tianfu smart community to various market entities committed to creating value in the field of grass-roots smart governance, Truly combine cutting-edge science and technology with meeting the people’s yearning for a better life, improve governance level and enhance service efficiency through the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, promote finer and more efficient governance, and make people’s life more convenient and comfortable.

What is a smart community with a greater sense of gain, happiness and security?

What is smart community like?

Look at these two models——

The reporter learned that at present, several communities in Chengdu have formed the prototype of smart communities with their own characteristics through early construction.

Dongyue garden, Shaqu street, Dayi County:

Here, the system builds a smart community operation management center to realize seven smart service functions and application scenarios such as government affairs, property management and dispatching.

Online sinking services: integration of government services, self-service terminals, reservation display terminals, TV, mobile phone, outdoor touch screens and other community service business system, to achieve official account inquiries, appointments and guidelines, residents can make reservation inquiries through various types of terminals such as APP, TV, WeChat public numbers, and through data statistics and operation analysis. Identify weaknesses in daily services, optimize government resources and improve service efficiency.

Create a smart security model: deploy a face recognition system in public areas and key points of the community, timely identify abnormal people and illegal behaviors, and synchronously use big data and AI system for emergency early warning. Based on effective response to public emergencies, the establishment of multi terminal information release system, disaster and emergency incidents can be a key to the family TV screen, mobile phone APP, community WeChat official account, public information screen, cell broadcast platform and other early warning information.

Focus on caring for special groups: according to the characteristics of many elderly groups in the community, deploy a comprehensive health care information platform, allocate mobile sensing devices and intelligent wearing devices, and carry out real-time positioning for the elderly. In case of emergencies, the elderly can call the monitoring center for help through the intelligent terminal. At the same time, for some disabled and mentally retarded groups, Set the virtual digital fence according to the wishes of the family. If it exceeds the fence limit, the platform will alert the system staff in real time and notify their families.

Courtyard area, No. 86, Xinhong South Road, Chenghua District:

The smart online platform of “watch Xinhong” community has been built here, covering the functions of community party construction, watch home, community information, conference hall, convenient telephone, life service and so on, so as to break the time and space barriers and improve the quality of the community.

Build a community smart system, build a community service cloud platform online, and build the country’s first “big linkage home space” smart community cloud platform with expansion ability and integration function. Offline, build smart parking, smart home, smart fire fighting, smart access control, smart well cover, smart monitoring and other characteristic functions, and improve the construction mechanism of four community linkage community.

Build a smart party building system, take regional party building as the guide, deepen and improve the one core and multiple governance system of CO governance and sharing, build a smart party building network, neighborhood autonomy network and community organization network, establish an online volunteer exchange, and build a global o2o volunteer system led by Party members’ volunteers.

Build a smart service system, based on the community public service, integrate the functions of voluntary service and convenient service through the information system, deepen and improve the service system, build a smart community service center, improve community service terminals and service outlets.

Improve the environmental quality of the community, comprehensively promote the hardware iteration and software upgrading of the smart community, create an online community reception hall and community reception channel, improve the community micro position system, consolidate the foundation of community governance, and effectively improve the sense of acquisition, security and happiness of community residents.

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