The distribution box is a commonly used power equipment, and it is an important part of the photovoltaic system to control the power through the distribution box. Household distribution boxes are generally composed of knife switches, self-resetting overvoltage and undervoltage protectors, circuit breakers, surge protector backup circuit breakers, and surge protectors.

  • breaker

In the line, it mainly plays the role of overload and short circuit protection, and at the same time plays the role of infrequently breaking the line under normal conditions.

  • Self-resetting overvoltage and undervoltage protector

It is mainly used in low-voltage power distribution systems. When the overvoltage and undervoltage in the line exceed the specified value, it can automatically disconnect, and can automatically detect the line voltage. When the voltage in the line returns to normal, it can automatically close. Undervoltage forms double protection.

  • surge protector

When a peak current or voltage suddenly occurs in the electrical circuit or communication line due to external interference, the surge protector can conduct the shunt in a very short time, thereby avoiding damage to other equipment in the circuit by the surge.

Household distribution box tripping is a problem that many friends have encountered. In the case of household electrical accidents in ordinary families, the distribution box equipped with leakage protectors is the first and last line of defense to ensure the safety of your life and property. . Here, the editor will teach you a few troubleshooting methods for the tripping of the distribution box, which can find the root cause or remove the fault.

Operation and analysis of household distribution box after tripping:

  • Open the main distribution box, if you can distinguish which branch switch is tripped, send the switch to restore the power supply, and check the overload factor of the circuit; if it cannot be restored, skip to “step 4” to check the overload circuit; if you can’t find it If you have any questions, skip to “Step 3” continuously.

  • If it is not possible to distinguish which circuit switch is tripped, first of all, all the switches in the distribution box must be turned off, and then power should be transmitted one by one in the following order: main switch—secondary main switch—separation switch… If one of the switches cannot be turned on to “” “ON” position, indicating that there is a problem with the circuit of the switch; you can check or eliminate the overload factor of the circuit, and then try to send power again; or skip directly to “Step 3” to continue.

  • Suspend the fault search, first throw off the detected isolation switch, and use the other switches normally first, and then find a professional electrician to troubleshoot the fault.

  • Clean circuit overload method:

(1) If the socket switch is tripped, first unplug all the electrical plugs of the lower level of the switch, then power the socket switch, and then insert the plugs one by one.

(2) If the lighting switch is tripped, most of it is leakage or overload, which requires professional electrician to clean it.

(3) If the switch of the leakage protector trips, it is mostly caused by short circuit of electrical appliances in this circuit, broken wires, water ingress of electrical appliances, or damage to the switch of the leakage protector.

(4) If there is an intelligent overload protector at home, cut off a certain high-power consumption product in the home such as: water heater, microwave oven, air conditioner, etc., and then press the “reset” button to resume power supply.

Solar photovoltaic power generation project distribution box installation process:

  • Equipment unpacking inspection
  • Equipment handling
  • Analysis and preventive measures of common faults in box installation quality
  • Cabinet Test Adjustment

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