What is 51 MCU

51 single chip microcomputer is a general term for all single chip microcomputers compatible with Intel 8031 instruction system. The ancestor of this series of MCU is Intel’s 8004 MCU. Later, with the development of flash ROM technology, 8004 MCU has made great progress and become one of the most widely used 8-bit MCU. Its representative model is ATMEL’s AT89 series, which is widely used in industrial measurement and control system. Many companies have launched 51 series compatible models, which will occupy a large market for a long time in the future. 51 single chip microcomputer is a basic entry of a single chip microcomputer, or the most widely used one. It should be noted that 51 Series MCU generally does not have the ability of self programming.

Self study of 51 single chip microcomputer

As a beginner, how to get started?

In fact, it doesn’t need many things. You can learn simple C language and know the basic structure of 51 MCU. General university graduates are OK, and high school students who have studied these two courses by themselves are also qualified. On the device, it is generally recommended to buy an emulator. For example, the “dual function download line” has good stability and fast download speed, and the upper computer can be expanded to download more single-chip computers and embedded chips. Through experiments, we can carry out practical and comprehensive learning. In the future, simulators will be of great use in our work. In addition, the general light simulator is not enough, there must be an actual circuit, that is, learning board, as shown in the figure, that is, the minimum system of single-chip microcomputer.

Learning board is mainly based on powerful interface. The learning of single-chip microcomputer is divided into two aspects, one is the principle and internal structure of single-chip microcomputer, the other is the interface technology of single-chip microcomputer. These are usually need more accumulation, more hands-on, more thinking, in order to learn SCM technology.

Note: “dual function download line” has detailed instructions in Baidu Library, and the upper chance is updated regularly to support more MCU.

There are four stages in SCM learning

1、 Overall understanding

Want to know what SCM is? What’s the use of MCU? How to learn SCM systematically? What is the flow of SCM system design and what auxiliary software should be mastered?

After understanding these, our study has the goal and the direction.

2、 It is difficult to learn the secrets of SCM because its internal structure and programming language are abstract, and it is related to other electronic technology and component knowledge in practical application, so it is necessary to design and develop products together. Therefore, the second stage to understand the internal structure of MCU is how? Which electronic technology and component knowledge are often used in SCM development? How to combine the programming instructions into an effective program?

3、 The reason why SCM can become the core of control and design an all inclusive application system is that developers make use of various functions and peripherals provided by SCM. Therefore, in the third stage, we need to master all kinds of functions of single-chip microcomputer, plus the application thinking such as sensor, analog-to-digital conversion, scanning display, serial and interrupt, combined with more components and electronic circuit knowledge, learn and experience the secrets of the actual single-chip microcomputer system one by one.

4、 Through the above three stages, readers can basically master the application of SCM. However, in order to design a rich SCM system and solve complex practical problems, we need to know more about peripherals and their connection with SCM (such as motors, all kinds of memories, relays, infrared tubes, etc.). These need continuous learning and accumulation. Sometimes, when you receive some development tasks, you need to consciously collect and learn relevant knowledge for this task, and constantly learn and improve in practice.

Finally, several classic books are recommended

“Example interpretation 51 single chip microcomputer complete learning and application (with teaching video)”, edited by Yang Xin (he has written many electronic books with good reputation and unique style), published by electronic industry press.

Fall in love with single chip microcomputer, written by Du Yang, a new style, introduction to using bread board, people’s Posts and Telecommunications Press.

Hand in hand teaching you 51 single chip microcomputer, edited by song Xuesong (very classic), published by Tsinghua University Press.

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