At present, more and more environmental protection departments will use UAVs for environmental monitoring. Do you know the impact of environmental monitoring on urban development? Next, let’s list the impact of environmental monitoring on urban development.

1. Atmospheric environment monitoring can make the urban economic structure more reasonable

In today’s society with the rapid development of urban economy, the manifestations of air pollution are more diverse and the degree of pollution is gradually increasing. It can be said that there is a very close correlation between economic development and good atmospheric ecological environment. Urban development at the cost of air pollution is unsustainable and unhealthy, and even has a very adverse impact on urban economic development due to bad atmospheric environment in the long term. By starting the urban air monitoring system, it can provide reliable protection for the atmospheric environment, promote the smoke-free and low pollution development of enterprises in the city, improve the qualified rate of product standards, drive the rapid development of other industries, and play a positive role in promoting the development of urban economy.

What impact does UAV environmental monitoring have on urban development

2. Atmospheric environment monitoring can make the overall urban planning more scientific and reasonable

With the start-up and operation of the urban atmospheric environment monitoring system, the atmospheric environment has gradually improved. Under the active guidance of government departments, some heavily polluting enterprises began to transfer from the city center to the urban suburbs, and reduce pollution by increasing the green belts around the city center. In addition, the implementation of various electric vehicles also greatly reduces exhaust emissions and meets the needs of green urban development. Through the rational development of urban layout, commercial areas, industrial areas and green areas, urban development is more scientific and reasonable.

3. Atmospheric environment monitoring can improve the quality of urban ecological environment

Under the background of the implementation of the atmospheric environment monitoring system, the urban atmospheric environment has been greatly improved. Through the dynamic monitoring and control of polluting gases and the targeted implementation of prevention and control measures, the social public’s awareness of ecological environment protection has been continuously strengthened, which has promoted the improvement and optimization of the overall ecological environment conditions in urban development.

4. Atmospheric environmental monitoring can promote the strengthening and promotion of the public’s awareness of environmental protection

Through the linkage and cooperation between the atmospheric environment monitoring system and the environmental protection department, the public can fully understand the preventive measures and importance of air pollution, and improve the quality level of the public in environmental protection. A special monitoring system shall be set up at the main traffic intersections, mainly in areas with large traffic flow or densely populated areas, mainly to monitor the exhaust emission of vehicles. If the emission exceeds the standard, the vehicle travel volume shall be controlled in time, the living emission of residents shall be publicized at all times, and citizens shall be called on to consciously protect the environment.

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