Headquartered in Danville, California, USA, powerphyr has been committed to completely changing the power supply of electronic devices by using its intelligent wireless power technology. The company offers four solutions using different approaches to support a wide range of applications:

Magnetic resonance method can realize high power supply and high degree of space freedom. It has excellent thermal management performance, will not affect the nearby metal, and can support multiple devices at the same time.

Inductive charging based on the wireless power alliance (WPC) Qi standard is the simplest and lowest cost solution, but the space freedom, power and thermal management functions (metal will become very hot) of this method are very limited. In addition, the scheme requires precise alignment of the transmitter and receiver.

Capacitor technology is suitable for industrial applications requiring very high power.

RF energy acquisition is a solution suitable for sensor and Internet of things applications. It has excellent spatial freedom (up to 40 feet) and can be used to collect existing frequencies while supporting FCC regulatory restrictions.

The wireless power transmission and reception scheme of powerphyrw’s skycurrent series products can provide fast, easy-to-use and safe wireless charging for various products and modules. Each product contains a complete development reference design, and the main markets are automotive, consumer and industrial applications.

Powerphyr said that using the wireless power supply products and modules they designed for cars, there is no need to use cables and precise alignment of coils. The design is simple and has flexible dimensions, realizing a fast, easy-to-use and safe charging ecosystem. The automotive applications shown in Figure 1 include sensors that can be powered wirelessly, which can be used to monitor the systems such as lamps, airbags, temperature control, doors and passengers’ wireless charging, and support three solutions: MRI, Qi and RF.

“One of our major goals is to rethink the wireless power supply in the car cabin and reduce its complexity. This means removing the connectors and replacing the traditional methods with future oriented wireless solutions.” Will Wright, CEO of powerphyr.

He added: “Many companies are committed to providing wireless charging for mobile devices in the car cabin. The new generation of wireless power technology of powerphyr can simplify the manufacturing process, improve safety and reliability, and reduce vehicle costs. Today’s cars contain more than 200 connectors, which are used to provide power and communication functions for key functional components and systems. With the continuous development of cars to electrification, the functions of vehicles will become more and more abundant, It is becoming more and more dependent on software, and it is very important to adopt new connection methods. At the same time, the use of copper in vehicles has also increased significantly. Although most of it is related to batteries and propulsion systems, it is also used to guide energy in the whole vehicle. “

Wright said, “our goal in developing wireless solutions is to reduce the complexity of wiring harnesses and connectors, rather than wirelessly charging mobile phones or tablets. Using wireless solutions, we can power seat motors, heated seats, mirrors and speakers, thus solving the problems that have plagued the industry for many years.”

“Powerphyr can provide a variety of solutions from lower power to 450W power, and has been working hard to improve the technology to meet the needs of customers in the automotive and industrial fields. Our main technology is a proprietary magnetic resonance technology, which can supply power at the frequency of 6.78mhz or 13.56MHz depending on the application. With our new solutions, power supply and communication can be realized seamlessly.”

Powerphyr said that its products seamlessly support the three main standards of wireless charging in the industrial field (magnetic resonance, magnetic induction and airfuel RF), which can meet the medium and high power requirements of tools and mechanical devices in the industrial field. For the consumer sector, powerphyr’s wireless charging platform skycurrent III provides a dual-mode wireless charging board and a set of “fast charging” battery boxes.
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