If the memory module is broken, what will happen to the computer? Let’s tell you. If the memory module is broken, the computer will have the following conditions:

1、 After the memory is plugged in, the motherboard will give an alarm. In this case, it can’t be turned on, so it can be judged that it is because the memory module is broken.

2、 The similar situation of 000×000000 blue screen appears after power on. This situation belongs to the problem of memory frequency and motherboard bus. It may be that the motherboard does not support the frequency of the memory.

3、 The machine starts up normally, but there is a blue screen in running large-scale operations or games, similar to the second case. This case may also be due to memory timing disorder, which is caused by overclocking.

4、 The machine is running, computing and games are all normal, but the memory capacity is not displayed in the system properties, or the memory capacity is less displayed. In this case, the slot of the motherboard is broken, so one of the memory conditions is not recognized.

5、 The golden finger of the memory is broken. If there are two pieces of memory, the system will only recognize the memory that is not broken, so the previous situation will also appear. In this way, the motherboard will not alarm. If you insert the broken memory, the motherboard will alarm.

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