Iris recognition technology is favored by various industries and fields because of its stability, invariance, uniqueness and other advantages. Especially in recent years, iris recognition technology has made continuous breakthroughs, and even has been initially used in mobile phones. The iris recognition dry core ASIC chip successfully streamed by Wuhan Rainbow Technology in September 2018 has greatly promoted the application process of iris recognition technology and promoted the use of iris recognition technology in various terminal devices.

With the rapid upgrading and development of iris recognition technology, which fields will this technology be applied in in the future?

Social security (prison, public security, anti terrorism, etc.)

In the judicial, public security and other systems, whether the identification of suspects is efficient and accurate directly determines the efficiency of police officers. Especially in the fast scene, efficient and accurate iris recognition technology is undoubtedly the first choice for identity recognition and identification.

What fields can iris recognition technology do in the future

Prison: buffer access control: iris authentication is carried out for the access control place to determine the identity.

Management of mobile personnel: collect the iris of the visiting personnel, and conduct iris recognition after the completion of the visit, so as to determine whether the same person is going in and out.

Public security criminal investigation: accurate retort suspect; Rapid identification of criminals; Verify the identity of the death penalty.

Public security exit entry management: ID card / Passport: identification can be carried out by iris.

Road patrol system: check suspicious persons

Anti terrorism: iris information can be captured and compared with anti terrorist information.


Financial sector (banking, taxation, etc.)

In recent years, with the occurrence of financial fraud and bank card theft, the security system of the bank has been questioned and questioned. At the same time, with the continuous development of the financial industry, the competition in the financial market is becoming increasingly fierce, the management of the bank is becoming more standardized, and the security problem has become a top priority. In order to improve the security level of banks, biometric technology has been introduced to upgrade the security. The application of iris recognition technology products in the banking industry is the general trend.

Bank vault access control: you can save the iris information of the person who has the right to enter the vault. You need to verify the iris every time you enter the vault. You can enter the vault only after passing the verification. It can also set up multi person verification and remote verification to strengthen the security management of bank vault.

Cash truck Management: collect and save the iris information of the relevant personnel of the cash truck, and verify the iris when they are on duty. At the same time, you can also set the authority to open the cash cabinet. Only the personnel with authority can open the cash cabinet, which effectively ensures the security of funds.

Identity verification of credit personnel: Iris verification is performed on the person lending each time. If the iris information of the person exists, it means that the person has borrowed and can stop lending; If there is no iris information of this person, it will be saved to prevent another loan and effectively eliminate the loss of funds.

Access control and attendance (industrial, mining, enterprises and institutions, etc.)

The most basic application of iris recognition technology is attendance and access control. Scanning iris can realize channel control, door opening / locking and attendance management. Iris attendance recognition is rapid, without contact, and can’t be counterfeited and replaced by punch card. It greatly improves the accuracy and efficiency of attendance, and is recognized and favored by more and more units.

At the same time, the mine iris attendance system is an important part of coal mine safety production management, it can make enterprise managers timely understand the underground production status and personnel composition, effectively improve the safety production management and labor organization, is an important means to improve the safety production efficiency.

Of course, the future iris recognition technology and its products can be applied in more fields than those listed above. I believe that with the promotion and assistance of high-tech enterprises such as rainbow recognition technology, iris recognition technology can come into our daily life and get more extensive application in the future.

Source: cloud horizon

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