In daily life, we have seen and heard many wonderful music. They can make people happy, sad and dance unconsciously. It can soothe our wounds in pain and give hope in despair. The power of music is infinite. Have you really considered how music is transmitted? Today, let’s briefly understand what an audio connector is.

Audio connectors are connector groups for audio-visual applications – RCA and record player. It is applied to all aspects of our life. There are many kinds. Although these can not really be considered to belong to the same series, all kinds of USB connectors are the same. We will think they are the same. USB products have developed from version 1.0 to version 3.1. There are some processes in this period, and there is no signal loss in the process of collecting and recording echoes. The new specification is compatible with previous versions. However, new interfaces require new cables and connectors, as well as transmission distance and data throughput. The development of video surveillance system has experienced three different stages: the acquisition, transmission and storage of video and audio signals are analog forms with the highest quality. Video compression card and corresponding DVR software are installed in the video monitoring system. Different types of video cards can connect 1 / 2 / 4 video channels and support real-time video and audio.

You may immediately recognize the 1 / 8 “version of this connector as a pair of plugs at the ends of headphones. These connectors are actually available in three common sizes: 1 / 4 (6.35mm), 1 / 8 (3.5mm) and 2.5mm. 1 / 4 connectors have many uses in professional audio and music. Most electric guitars and amplifiers have 1 / 4 tip sleeve (TS) Jack and 1 / 8 tip ring sleeve (TRS) It is very common as a connector for headphones or audio output signals on MP3 players or computers. Some mobile phones will provide a 2.5mm tip ring sleeve (trrs) Jack for connecting headphones, which also includes a microphone for hands-free communication.

What do you know about audio connectors

The availability of these connectors and cables makes them ideal for general-purpose connection applications. For example, before USB, Texas Instrument’s graphics calculator used a 2.5 mm TRS connector as a serial programming connector. It should be remembered that the tip sleeve connector type is not designed to carry power; During insertion, the tip and sleeve may be short circuited together momentarily, which may damage the power supply. The lack of shielding makes it unsuitable for high-speed data, but Low-speed serial data can be transmitted through these connectors.

RCA connector has been the first choice of home stereo connector for decades. RCA launched it for home phonograph in the 1940s. It has been replaced by HDMI in the field of audio and video, but the wide use of connectors and cables makes it an ideal choice for home systems. It will be a long time before it goes out of date.

A female RCA connector can usually be found on the device, but an extension or conversion cable with a female jack can be found on it. Most RCA connectors are connected to one of four signals: mainly component video (PAL or NTSC, depending on where the device is sold), composite video, stereo or S / PDIF audio.

Motherca connector for video signal. Generally, NTSC or PAL video signal connectors are yellow. Male RCA connector and male RCA plug can usually be found on the cable. Red and white are usually used for audio applications, and red indicates the “correct” audio channel.

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