It is not a new thing for ordinary people to play rotorcraft abroad, but it is relatively rare in China. Recently, Eisen was commissioned by a rotorcraft enthusiast to carry out ECU configuration and program adjustment customization for the 2009 Honda Fit 1.5L l15a engine.

In principle, for general vehicles, the chassis dynamometer can be used for on wheel test adjustment. However, restricted by many factors such as the practical application of rotorcraft (small aircraft) and the inconvenience of transportation, Eisen decided to carry out the transformation on the basis of chassis dynamometer, so he succeeded in DIY engine dyno. It is the first time in China that the engine is directly put on the engine dyno to test and adjust, which not only realizes the convenience of adjustment, but also increases the accuracy of adjustment.

What do small aircraft do with engine dyno?

What do small aircraft do with engine dyno?

What do you do with engine dyno? It has a wide range of uses. If you want to accurately understand the current operation status of vehicle engines, or test engine related products, or load engines in non automotive environment, such as small aircraft (rotorcraft) and ships carrying automobile engines, you can not realize real scene test, so that engine dyno can realize offline debugging of engine operation, which greatly expands the application prospect The scope of engine performance and reliability verification, and through a large number of tests to obtain data information to find and solve hidden problems.

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