Ordinary consumers also want to thank science fiction films with big brain holes for their understanding of transparent display. In many classic works, we are deeply impressed by the application of transparent display products. Although transparent display only glows in the hands of top agents and super scientists in the films, it makes us feel that they are so tall and far away from us, But in fact, transparent display products have already appeared in our lives:

Above, we can see that whether it is the mainstream LCD screen, the rapidly expanding OLED screen, or the LED screen widely used in the commercial field, it can achieve the effect of transparent display. Liquid crystal and OLED screens are realized by filling liquid crystal materials or organic light-emitting diodes between two layers of transparent substrates; The way of LED is more free. It can be filled and packaged according to the previous way. It can also use the principle of visual compensation to enlarge the spacing between rows of lamp beads to form a physical light transmission effect.

How to achieve transparency in these display technologies is not the focus of today’s discussion, because it is not too difficult for manufacturers who can manufacture 4K, 8K, OLED, qled and other precision semiconductor screens, and we want to talk about how to make transparent screen technology find suitable application scenarios, or one day we can experience this technology in our own home.

What convenience has transparent touch technology brought to our life

High transparency, fine image quality, and more importantly, combined with the display scene, the huge transparent screen is very eye-catching! However, there seems to be no more… Presumably, Samsung, LG and other enterprises invested a lot of investment and manpower in the R & D of transparent display screen, and did not intend to quickly push it to the consumer market. After all, the commercial application field can better reflect the innovative value of product technology. However, the application of the above two groups of transparent screens is obviously not enough to fully demonstrate the significance of technology. We will support the transparent screen in combination with the scenes in life.

On the basis of the existing plane display courseware, what will be the effect of a new display screen? So is it easy to master the decomposition of standing jump? Will multiple forces exerted on a moving object at a uniform speed be clearer If the touch interaction function can be combined, the students should be more active in class, right?

In fact, I don’t know the dimensions that architectural design needs to pay attention to, but in the real estate sales hall, I often have the opportunity to see a huge community model, and a special sales representative will explain the function and environment of the community to property buyers. If this prop is covered with a transparent interactive screen, customers can directly understand the house type of each floor, simulate the 24-hour lighting situation, and experience the changes of scenery throughout the year… Is it much better than selling only relying on language description?

The fitting room of the clothing store is always a place full of stories. It is very busy and small. For every user, it is full of expectations and slots at the same time. If there is a huge transparent screen in the fitting room, you can click on the clothes to try on and directly see the effect after you put them on. Not only will it be more efficient to select clothes, but also you don’t have to wear, take off and change back and forth… You should have a good shopping experience.

After all, I just imagined the above scenarios in my mind. Obviously, there will be more difficulties to overcome in the implementation process, but combined with transparent display technology, we really think there are quite a lot of application scenarios to try.

Transparent display is not a new technical form. As early as 2010, Samsung had exhibited an interactive liquid crystal transparent display device. At that time, the black-and-white transparency of this product had reached 80%, and the power consumption was only about 10% of that of the same size liquid crystal panel. It can be said to be an ideal transparent display template, Because the product couldn’t find a suitable application scenario and sales direction, it was forced to hide in the snow. Now, the display technology has ushered in a new cycle of rapid iteration, with 8K UHD resolution; Flexible crimpable OLED display panel; Interactive control technology and various sensing components have been greatly developed. We believe that if transparent display technology can be well combined with them, it may bring some new experience forms, which is worth looking forward to.

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