The 2019 annual meeting of Boao Forum for Asia was held in Boao, Hainan from March 26 to 29. The guests discussed the most cutting-edge topics, fierce ideological collision and good medicine for solving problems in Asia and even the world. All kinds of innovative technologies at the conference are very exciting. What are the different opportunities for the connector industry?

The Boao Forum for Asia conference focused on globalization issues such as 5g IOT, artificial intelligence, sharing economy, challenges and reforms facing the WTO. 5g technology has been hot for many years. With the emergence of 5g mobile phones and the first 5g subway station in China this year, many people say that this year will be 5g yuan, which means that the speed of signal transmission will be greatly accelerated. For connectors, It has become inevitable to meet the high-speed signal transmission.

The annual meeting piloted the intelligent connected vehicle service. 5g enables automatic driving to plug in a pair of wings. The era of intelligent connected vehicle is closer. With low delay and large bandwidth, the signal transmission is more efficient, making automatic driving have more reliable and stable edge computing ability. There are about 1500 connection points for a classic light vehicle. There are nearly 100 kinds of connectors. Hundreds of single models are needed, and the number of connectors for autopilot cars is increasing. The automotive connector market has always been the largest segment of the connector market.

This conference let us clearly see the rapid arrival of the era of high-speed signal transmission, which is undoubtedly a big cake for the connector and cable industry. The urgent task for the domestic connector and cable industry is to seek opportunities and cut into them.

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