Cahors sentinel based on Lora ® The product reduces operating costs and prevents failures, resulting in higher grid efficiency

Camario, California, January 2020 – Semtech Corporation (NASDAQ: SMTC), the world’s leading semiconductor solution provider, recently announced that Cahors group (hereinafter referred to as Cahors), a leading smart grid product manufacturer and monitoring solution provider, has transferred Semtech’s Lora ® And lon devices ® The protocol is integrated into its new sentinel ® Line fault detection solution to simplify defect monitoring in smart grid network.

“Cahors recognizes Semtech’s Lora device and lorawan protocol as a proven Internet of things (IOT) platform that can provide functions to support grid digitization,” said Christophe aubigny, Cahors product strategy director, “Our new sentinel solution is continuously applied to medium voltage (MV) of power grid in overhead high voltage line applications Monitor the network, and use the long-distance and low-power function of Lora device to transmit fault data in real time. Accurate and up-to-date grid function data enables customers to detect, locate and handle grid faults more efficiently and prevent costly system faults. “

Cahors Lora based sentinel products are installed on the transmission line support pole. The system can monitor the transmission of voltage field to locate and predict faults on the transmission line, including single-phase grounding faults and multi-phase short-time and continuous faults. The sensor identifies the fault in real time and transmits the power flow data (fault direction) to the energy grid manager through lorawan network. Managers locate the fault area by evaluating the fault data, so as to respond quickly to the ongoing fault, improve the overall power grid efficiency and prevent power failure.

“With the increasing digitization of the smart grid, power utilities are looking for smarter applications to simplify integration and deployment,” said R é mi demerl é, director of utilities vertical marketing, Semtech wireless and sensing products division, “Semtech’s Lora represents a leading technology for the vertical market in the field of intelligent utilities, which can create flexible, scalable, easy-to-use and deployed measurement solutions. Lora devices accelerate the faster time to market of Internet of things solutions, thus providing customers with the ability to reduce operating costs and improve efficiency.”

Cahors has demonstrated its sentinel line fault detection solution at the 2019 European meter exhibition held in Paris, France, from November 12 to 14, 2019. Semtech also exhibited and demonstrated various Lora based utility applications at its booth.

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