51 single chip microcomputer is a very important process in the process of learning single chip microcomputer. The reason is that 51 single chip microcomputer has a complete set of bit by bit operating system from internal hardware to software, which is called bit processor. The processing object is not words or bytes, but bits. It can not only process a bit of some special function registers in the chip, such as transfer, set, clear, test, etc., but also carry out bit logic operation. Its function is very complete and easy to use.

Learned 51 SCM can do what, let’s have a detailed understanding.

For example, in the field of industrial control, in the automotive industry, SCM has been widely used, such as intelligent instruments, real-time industrial control, communication equipment, navigation system, household appliances, etc.

In the aspect of communication, 51 single chip microcomputer is widely used in GPS, infrared, radio frequency and so on. Navigation and aviation, although arm has gradually occupied the dominant position, but the bottom 51 MCU of each module is still used.

In the field of industrial control, the bottom control of many devices is realized by 51 single chip microcomputer. In terms of instruments and meters, 51 single chip microcomputer is very popular in the industry because of its low cost. In the automobile industry, there are many control MCU for a car, and 51 single chip microcomputer also has a place

Other aspects, in fact, as one of the earliest large-scale use of single-chip microcomputer, 51 single-chip microcomputer in all walks of life are not out of the stage of history, is still playing a role.

51 single chip microcomputer has only one accumulator ACC, and many processes need to be completed through ACC, so registers are needed to save intermediate results.

You can only use indirect addressing to access the external data memory. You can use @ dptr to access all 64K (including your extended printer, display, keyboard, etc.) and P2 with R0 or R1 to access an area.

If the interrupt is used, and more registers are used in the interrupt, the whole register group can be exchanged. The boot is implied as 0 group, and 1, 2, 3 groups can be exchanged.

Simple 51 SCM application and its characteristics to give you a brief introduction, I hope to help you.

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