As the new darling of sports earphones, bone conduction earphones are safe and hygienic, comfortable to wear, good in stability, and good in water resistance, which are very suitable for sports enthusiasts to wear. At the same time, due to the design of bone conduction earphones that do not enter the ear, it is also very friendly to patients with otitis media or hearing-impaired people with hearing problems. Next, I will share some of the best bone conduction earphones on the market!

1. NANK South Carolina Runner Pro3 Bone Conduction Headphones

Reason for recommendation: The bone conduction earphone with the highest configuration and the best performance

NANK is one of the few brands of bone conduction earphones that has mastered the bone vibrator technology. It is also the only brand in the industry that develops in hearing protection. It has also been effectively verified by the team of Dr. Lilac and has been accepted by many otologists, Recommended by audiologists.

In order to solve the sound leakage problem of bone conduction Bluetooth headsets, Nanka has developed the OT closed sound leakage prevention technology. Nanka has gradually improved the vibrator, body design, and software optimization of the headset. Card OT closed sound leakage prevention technology 3.0 technology, the final sound leakage can be reduced by 90%. In order to ensure that the earphones fit better, Nanka has collected 8,000 Asian ear databases, and 97 Nanka engineers have spent 197 days and nights specially developing a wearing structure that fits Asian ears, ensuring that the earphones can be more integrated.

As the core component of the product, the earphone chip plays a key role in the product experience. Runner Pro3 is equipped with a Bluetooth 5.2 chip, which fully optimizes the basic experience of the product, and also adds NFC fast pairing and one-to-two functions to make the operation more portable.

2. Shaoyin AS600 Bone Conduction Headphones

Recommended reason: AS800 replacement

Like many bluetooth earphones nowadays, this Shaoyin AS600 bone conduction sports earphone also adopts the design of hanging ear. Its weight is only 36g, and it will hardly feel oppressive when worn on the ear, even if it is worn for a long time. uncomfortable. Using bone conduction technology, the sound is transmitted through the vibration of the temporal bone. The inside of the back hanging is made of titanium alloy, and the outside is made of a material similar to silicone. The touch is still very skin-friendly. AS600 is the entry-level product of the previous generation, suitable for friends who have a small budget and want to experience Shaoyin products.

3. Philips A6606 Bone Conduction Headphones

Recommended reason: Thoughtful design with LED night running lights

Philips A6606 titanium alloy rear hanging design, it can be stable when bouncing or running. The biggest feature of Philips A6606 is the thoughtful design of LED night running lights on the earphones. You can override the flashing frequency of the lights by pressing the buttons. For those who like to run at night It is a thoughtful design for people, and it can remind pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers to pay attention to avoiding at night. This is one of the bone conduction options for night runners.

4. FMJB2 Bone Conduction Headphones

Recommended reason: Can be used as an independent MP3

Upgraded 16g memory, it can store thousands of songs and use it as an independent MP3. Add 5.0 Bluetooth technology, the connection is stable, and the transmission problem is faster. The long battery life of 8 hours can meet the demand for earphones for a day, but the sound quality of the fuselage is not high enough, and sound leakage does exist, but the price is relatively cheap, suitable for friends with a budget of only a few hundred yuan.

5. NANK South Carolina Runner CC2 Bone Conduction Headphones

Reason for recommendation: Ceiling bone conduction at the same price, blind selection series

Bone conduction earphones, as the name suggests, are earphones made of bone conduction technology, and this NANK Runner CC2 bone conduction earphone is in line with entry-level bone conduction earphones. The upgrade of the second generation is still very obvious, more rounded The appearance design is more comfortable when worn for a long time.

Although it is an entry-level earphone, it is technically upgraded with a closed structure, a non-porous design and a new sound leakage elimination technology, which greatly eliminates the sound leakage. The high-strength titanium alloy rear mount, 6-hour battery life, and high-definition call noise reduction technology all ensure a good experience with the South Carolina Runner CC2. Good charging method, lighter weight, more comfortable wearing feeling and less sound leakage, it is a bone conduction with good cost performance.

You can purchase according to your own needs and budget. I believe it will open a new door for your bone conduction headset wearing experience.

Reviewing editor: Fu Ganjiang

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