Driven by the rapid development of artificial intelligence and 5G communications, people have gradually entered the era of intelligence. Not only can we see intelligent products such as sweeping robots, smart toilets, and smart speakers everywhere in our daily life, but also in work scenarios, we can also see intelligent office equipment such as Lenovo thinkplus, enjoying a more efficient and convenient office experience. Of course, relatively speaking, many people don't know much about what brand Lenovo Thinkplus is and what it does. Next, this article will describe in detail.

What brand is Lenovo Thinkplus? Help enterprises enter the era of smart office

Lenovo thinkplus is a series of intelligent office equipment and software released by Lenovo brand on the 25th anniversary of the founding of Lenovo ThinkPad, which can help enterprises easily enter the era of intelligent office and effectively improve the office efficiency of enterprises. In daily work, business trips are already a common vocabulary. Although business trips can communicate face-to-face with customers, the time, energy and cost are also very high. If you want to reduce costs and increase efficiency and improve work efficiency, Lenovo thinkplus conference tablet and Lenovo thinkplus Pocket omnidirectional microphone are the best choices for communicating with remote customers and partners.

What brand is Lenovo Thinkplus? The best choice for improving office efficiency

Take the Lenovo Thinkplus conference tablet as an example. It not only has the function of smart handwriting, which can be controlled by gestures, but also can be annotated at any time, such as erasing the back of the hand, intelligent circle selection, double-click undo, etc., which can also improve the operation efficiency. In addition, it also supports remote audio and video, built-in 4K camera, 6 array microphones, supports a variety of mainstream conference software, 8-meter remote pickup, real-time transmission of sound and images, and multi-person meetings and remote meetings can be easily handled. Not only that, Lenovo thinkplus conference tablet also supports wired and wireless screen projection methods, whether you are ios, Android system, or Windows, mac IOS operating system are compatible, can meet a variety of screen projection needs in different situations. This Lenovo thinkplus conference tablet also has 4K ultra-clear resolution, and with the new 4K interactive interface, people can clearly see the text, pictures and videos on the screen, and the experience is better.

What brand is Lenovo Thinkplus? Fill up the buff anytime and anywhere to make the office more convenient

In addition, as a convenient omnidirectional microphone speaker, Lenovo thinkplus Pocket pocket omnidirectional microphone not only can 360° omnidirectional sound pickup, intelligent noise reduction, echo cancellation, vocal optimization, one-key mute, but also supports Bluetooth wireless , Type-C wired two connection methods, whether it is a remote conference on business trip, a mobile office conference, or a temporary remote conference, etc., it can meet the needs. By the way, this Lenovo thinkplus Pocket pocket omnidirectional microphone also has additional functions such as intelligent transcription and intelligent translation. It can be said to be small in size and great in energy!

Through the detailed analysis and introduction of Lenovo thinkplus conference tablet and Lenovo thinkplus Pocket omnidirectional microphone, I believe that everyone has a further understanding of what brand Lenovo thinkplus is. In today's fast-paced society empowered by technology, whether it is daily life or work meetings, intelligent products are needed to make life more comfortable and happy, and make work more convenient and efficient. Lenovo thinkplus is obviously a key element for enterprises to enter the intelligentization, which can help enterprises to develop better.

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