At present, because of the poor labor environment, income is not ideal and other reasons, more and more people crowded into the city. Farmers work hard to grow an acre of land a year, which may not be as good as the wages of young rural people working in cities for a month, and their enthusiasm for farming is greatly affected. There are fewer and fewer people farming and more and more abandoned fields, falling into a vicious circle.

Abandon the traditional mode of production, agriculture in the future does not rely on people

Countries are advocating modern agriculture, the traditional mode of agricultural production has been unable to adapt to the development trend of modern society. We should make good use of modern tools, especially smart phones, the Internet and big data. If we master the “unmanned” strategy, agriculture in the future will not depend on people. The application of digital, automatic and intelligent technologies in agriculture has been accelerated. The concept of unmanned agriculture has been basically formed. The planting, management and harvesting of crops have realized “unmanned” operation. Intelligent and advanced agricultural machinery such as agricultural UAV has become a “good helper” for farmers.

What benefits can unmanned agriculture bring to farmers? Open the door of intelligent agriculture

What benefits can unmanned agriculture bring to farmers?

1. Improve production efficiency

The application of unmanned technology in agriculture has greatly improved the production efficiency. Take the mountainous and hilly areas for example, the orchard area is large, the plot is irregular, the slope is steep and the ridge is high, the manual spraying is inconvenient to walk, the spraying is difficult, and the efficiency is low. It’s really individual work. For orchards that often cover more than 100 mu, agricultural UAV operations can be completed in an hour, without leakage or re spraying. The UAV that farmers can control by just moving their fingers is too easy to inject medicine.

The improvement of production efficiency makes farmers have more time to engage in other work, so as to obtain more income.

2. Save the cost of farming

One of the reasons for farmers’ enthusiasm for farming is the rising cost of farming. The most expensive one is labor cost. Unmanned technology makes the way of farming more scientific, simplifies many processes, and solves the dilemma of “difficult and expensive labor”. Planting rice with UAV is a good example. Traditional rice planting needs seedling raising, transplanting and transplanting, and each link needs a lot of manpower and material resources. The direct seeding UAV can germinate and grow without these links, and the growth period is short. Compared with the traditional way of transplanting rice, the cost of this method is reduced by 10%. At the same time, older farmers can continue farming without bending down.

3. Realize the precision management of agriculture

Using big data analysis and Internet transmission, rotary tiller can realize remote control, UAV can monitor the health of crops, robot can automatically pick fruits, and the ideal mode of agricultural full scene unmanned operation is being realized.

Unmanned technology has opened the door to smart agriculture, behind which data and equipment are playing a role. In the future, unmanned agriculture will liberate people, and the dirtiest and most tiring farm work can be done by machines.

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