When it comes to the financial industry, investing and trading are not the only ways to earn income and grow your capital. Those who become well-known traders or analysts or those who have extensive social networks can make money by inviting trading platforms to provide referrals or affiliate marketing programs.

When those followers, friends, family members or others follow the invitation provided to the trading platform to offer the recommended item – whether by following a URL or other method – and start their own transactions, the original referrer’s Transaction fees, revenue share, or cost-per-customer charges are often commissioned.

For traders who are often successful with their trading strategies, a strong referral program can often help them decide which platform to use, as the stronger the referral program, the more likely it is to make more profits. For those traders who aren’t sure which trading platform offers the best referral packages in the entire financial industry, we’ve done an extensive review of the top referral packages the industry has to offer and brought you the cold hard facts so you can Decide for yourself which platform’s recommendation scheme is correct and which one will be the most profitable.

Below are the top referral programs offered by the financial industry.


Binance is one of the largest cryptocurrency trading platforms in the world, offering a huge variety of alternative currencies and a wide range of trading instruments, including futures, spot and margin trading.

The platform’s referral program is one of the more unique programs, where users can share commissions with the users they refer, which the platform calls “friend commission rebates.”

The program advertises 40% as a commission, and referrers can then split the commission with their friends, 20/20 or 30/10 split, or in favor of a friend or referrer. It’s unclear why referrals are willing to give friends more commission than themselves, but there are options for those who feel particularly generous.

40% of trading commissions are deceptive, with a deeper understanding, there is a caveat, unless you hold 500 BNB worth of Binance coins – the platform’s native encrypted asset – then the commission is up to 20%, share with friends .

Binance conveniently shares referral links with friends via QR code or tracking URL, and provides fast payments in cryptocurrencies.


The platform exploded into existence in 2018, with growth largely driven by word-of-mouth through the platform’s advanced trading tools and lucrative four-level referral program.

PrimeXBT’s referral program is designed for traders who can easily share with friends, family or followers on social media, it is one of the best referral programs the financial industry has to offer. Traders earn a 20% commission from direct referrals, however, what makes this program interesting is that any new user who is an initial direct referral also earns a commission from that initial referral, up to level four.

Direct referrals offer a 20% commission, while levels 2, 3, and 4 earn 15%, 10%, and 5% commission, respectively. According to the leaderboard of the platform, the top three earn more than 51 bitcoins, which is more than 440,000 US dollars.

The CPA program also offers professional lead generators and affiliate marketing. The CPA offer offers a payment of $40 for the first deposit, while active traders pay up to $1,250.

The most experienced partners get higher personalized rates ranging from $60 per partner with signed 100+ first term deposits, to $80 per partner with signed 200+ first term deposits.

In addition to the lucrative referral and CPA programs, PrimeXBT also offers a revenue share model tailored for the professional trading community with a large following. Partners can earn passive income from every new user who directly enters the platform, and the platform generously provides a revenue-sharing commission of 40% to 70% from the transaction fees of referred users. There is no deadline for revenue sharing, and partners can earn passive income over the lifetime of the traders they recruit.

PrimeXBT is an advanced trading platform that offers built-in charting tools and a wide variety of assets for trading with up to 1000x leverage, including stock indices, commodities, forex, crypto, and more. Besides the lucrative referral program, there are many other ways to increase your income.


Although BitMEX is often controversial, traders still swear by the platform, and their referral program is undeniably simple, making it easy for others to sign up, as any new referrals can add up to trading fees for the first six months on the platform. 10% off.

This makes it easier to recruit new users and make existing users more profitable by bringing new blood to the platform.

BitMEX offers a commission rate of up to 20% on daily BTC payments. To reach this level, referrals must reach a transaction volume of 10,000 BTC. Less than 10,000 bitcoins, but more than 1,000 bitcoins can get a 15% commission, and less than 1,000 bitcoins can only get a 10% commission.

The biggest catch is that the referred user must register within 7 days of being referred to the platform via the URL in order to be counted. If the user signs up within 7 days, the person who referred the user will receive a commission throughout the lifetime of the account.

BitMEX is strictly for cryptocurrencies.


Sometimes simplicity is best because it makes it easier for newbies to join a new trading platform who don’t fully understand the value proposition that seasoned traders are offering.

Take eToro as an example, the platform offers a very simple and straightforward referral offer of earning $50 for a reach friend who is referred to the platform.

To make it easier to sell the idea of ​​signing up to friends, family, and followers, eToro will match $50 earned by referrals and offer up to $50 to new referrals as a condition of initiating trades.

EToro has a wide variety of assets, including stocks, cryptocurrencies, gold, commodities, and more.


Robinhood is a trading app that provides information on stocks, cryptocurrencies, and more without requiring users to actually own the underlying assets. It also offers a very simple and enticing referral program, but it’s designed to trick referrers into thinking they’re getting great value when in reality they’re being paid paltry amounts.

For every friend who signs up to the platform, the referrer gets a free, random stock worth up to $200. Under the same parameters, referred friends also get free stock.

However, when reading the fine print, referrers can get up to $500 in free stock, with a 98% chance of getting stock worth $10 or less.

There is only a 1% chance of getting a stock worth $10-50, and another 1% chance of getting a stock worth $50-200.

While each stock’s share price can continue to rise, adding to the proposed value, it’s unlikely that $2.50 per share will become noteworthy, no matter how strong the performance.


OKEx’s referral program is demotivating just reading the terms, let alone trying to generate income from offers.

The platform breaks down their projects into two separate earning tiers. At the first level, each referrer must pass the KYC process, be certified, and conduct spot transactions of more than $16,000 within 180 days of signing up to the platform. The return of this perfect storm? It’s only a measly $10 to $1, and since the asset is pegged to the dollar, it’s worth about $10.

The second level is more reasonable, but requires ten first levels to invert the second level. After ten registered users have passed KYC and conducted a spot transaction with a total value of more than 160,000 US dollars, the commission for each referred user starts to be paid at 30%. However, you can earn up to 100USDT or $100 per week.

All payments are made via USDT.


Like most things to do with Bitfinex, their referral program is shrouded in mystery. According to their official terms, commissions can go up to 38% based on three different “degrees.”

Of these, 18% are offered for first-level degrees, 6% for second-level and 2% for third-level, but the website does not say what the conditions are.

To add to the confusion, multipliers are offered to earn if account holders complete verification and pass KYC, if they hold the exchange’s native token, UNUS SED LEO, or if they share a link via social media commission. The multiplier is up to 1.5 of the normal rate.

Bitfinex only trades cryptocurrencies with leverage up to 3.3x.


The referral items listed above vary in nature and in varying amounts. A careful analysis of what each platform has to offer not just their referral programs, but also their assets and trading tools, is important in the long run and can make a huge difference in improving your ROI.

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