When it comes to finance, investment and trading are not the only way to generate income and increase capital. Those who become famous traders or analysts or have extensive social networks can make money by inviting trading platforms to offer recommendations or affiliate marketing plans.

When these followers, friends, family members or others follow the invitation provided to the trading platform to provide recommended items – whether by tracking the URL or other methods – and start their own transactions, the original recommender will usually receive a commission on the transaction fee, revenue share, or cost per customer of the user mentioned.

For those traders who often succeed in trading strategies, strong recommendation projects can usually help them decide which platform to use, because the stronger the recommendation project is, the more likely they are to make more profits. For those traders who are not sure which trading platform provides the best recommendation scheme for the whole financial industry, we have conducted an extensive review of the top recommendation schemes provided by the industry, and brought you cold facts, so that you can make your own decisions about which platform’s recommendation scheme is correct and which one will be the most profitable.

What are the top projects in the blockchain finance industry

Here are the top recommendations from the financial industry.


Binance is one of the largest cryptocurrency trading platforms in the world, providing a wide range of alternative currencies and a wide range of trading tools, including futures, spot and margin trading.

The recommendation project of the platform is one of the more unique projects. Users can share the Commission with the users they recommend, which is called “friend commission rebate” by the platform.

The project advertises 40% as a commission, and then recommenders can share the Commission with their friends, 20 / 20 or 30 / 10 split, or in favor of friends or recommenders. It’s not clear why recommenders are willing to offer more commission to their friends than to themselves, but there are options for those who feel particularly generous.

40% of the transaction commission is deceptive. As you learn more, you will find a warning unless you hold a binance coin worth 500 BNB – the platform’s local encryption asset – and then the Commission is up to 20% to share with your friends.

Binance can easily share recommended links with friends through QR code or tracking URL, and provide fast payment in cryptocurrency.


The platform exploded in 2018, and its growth was mainly driven by the platform’s advanced trading tools and the reputation of lucrative four level recommendation projects.

Primexbt’s recommendation program is designed for traders, who can easily share it with friends, family or followers on social media. It is one of the best recommendation programs in the financial industry. Traders get 20% commission from direct recommendation. However, what makes this project interesting is that any new user of initial direct recommendation can also get commission from initial recommendation, up to four levels.

Direct Recommendation provides 20% commission, while level 2, level 3 and level 4 earn 15%, 10% and 5% commission respectively. According to the platform’s ranking, the top three have earned more than 51 bitcoins, more than $440000.

CPA program also provides professional lead generator and affiliate marketing. The CPA’s offer provides a payment of $40 for the first deposit, while active traders can pay up to $1250.

The most experienced partners can get higher personalized interest rates, from $60 per partner with a 100 + first time deposit to $80 per partner with a 200 + first time deposit.

In addition to lucrative referrals and CPA programs, primexbt offers a revenue sharing model tailored to a professional trading community with a large following. Partners can get passive revenue from each new user who directly enters the platform, and the platform generously provides 40% to 70% of the revenue sharing commission from the transaction fees of recommended users. There is no cut-off date for revenue sharing, and partners can earn passive income over the lifetime of the traders they recruit.

Primexbt is an advanced trading platform, which provides built-in chart tools and a variety of assets. It can trade up to 1000 times leverage, including stock index, commodity, foreign exchange, encryption, etc. In addition to the lucrative recommendation program, there are many other ways to increase revenue.


Although bitmex is often controversial, traders still swear to the platform, undeniably, their recommendation plan is very simple, it is easy for others to register, because any new recommendation on the platform can give 10% discount to the transaction fee in the first six months.

This makes it easier to recruit new users and allows existing users to make more profits by bringing new blood to the platform.

Bitmex offers BTC up to 20% commission per day. To achieve this level, the recommended transaction volume must reach 10000 BTCs. Less than 10000 bitcoin, but more than 1000 bitcoin can get 15% commission, less than 1000 bitcoin can only get 10% commission.

The biggest problem is that recommended users must register within 7 days of being recommended to the platform through the URL in order to count. If the user registers within 7 days, the person who recommends the user will receive a commission for the entire life cycle of the account.

Bitmex is strictly for cryptocurrency.


Sometimes simplicity is best because it makes it easier for novices to join a new trading platform because they don’t fully understand the value proposition offered by experienced traders.

Taking eToro as an example, the platform provides a very simple and direct recommendation quotation, that is, to earn $50 for reach friends recommended to the platform.

To make it easier to sell the idea of signing to friends, family and followers, eToro will match the $50 the recommender gets and offer up to $50 new recommenders as a condition to start the deal.

EToro has a wide range of assets, including stocks, cryptocurrencies, gold, commodities and so on.


Robinhood is a trading application that provides stock, cryptocurrency and other information. Users don’t need to own relevant assets. It also provides a very simple and attractive recommendation project, but its design purpose is to deceive the recommender into thinking that they have gained great value, while in fact they are only getting a small reward.

For each friend who signs up to the platform, the recommender can get a free, random stock, worth up to $200. Under the same parameters, the referenced friends can also get free shares.

However, when reading the details, the recommender can get up to $500 of free stock, and 98% of the time get no more than $10 worth of stock.

There is only 1% chance to get $10-50 worth of stock, and another 1% chance to get $50-200 worth of stock.

While the share price of each stock can continue to rise, thereby increasing the proposed value, no matter how strong the performance, the $2.50 share price is unlikely to become a concern.


Okex’s recommendations simply read the terms, not to mention trying to earn money from the offer.

The platform decomposes their projects into two separate revenue layers. At the first level, each recommender must pass the KYC process, obtain certification, and conduct spot transactions of more than $16000 within 180 days after registering with the platform. The return of this perfect storm? It’s just $10 to $1, which is worth about $10 because assets are tied to the dollar.

The second level is more reasonable, but it takes ten first levels to transpose to the second level. After ten registered users passed KYC and made spot transactions with a total value of more than $160000, the Commission for each recommended user began to be paid at 30%. However, you can earn up to 100 usdt or $100 a week.

All payments are made through usdt.


Like most things about bitfinex, their recommendation plans are shrouded in mystery. According to their official terms, commission can be up to 38% based on three different degrees.

Among them, the first level degree offers 18%, the second level 6%, and the third level 2%, but the website does not specify what the conditions are.

What’s more puzzling is that if the account holder completes the verification and passes KYC, if they hold the exchange’s local token, unus sed Leo, or share the link through social media, they will provide a multiplier to earn a commission. The multiplier can reach the normal rate of 1.5.

Bitfinex only trades cryptocurrencies, with a leverage ratio of up to 3.3 times.


The nature of the recommended items listed above is different, so is the income. Careful analysis of what each platform can provide is not only their recommended projects, but also their assets and trading tools. In the long run, these are very important and can make a huge difference in improving the return on investment.

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