At present, the high-speed ball is seriously homogenized in function, so the engineers gradually shift their attention when purchasing products, and pay more attention to whether the product structural design can make the product more stable and more convenient for installation. The manufacturer of high-speed camera does not have the ability to produce high-speed ball camera. The accuracy of preset position, internal structure design and adaptability to the environment are very high. Therefore, the stability of high-speed ball has become the main demand point of users. Next, we will introduce what factors should be paid attention to in the structural design and installation of high-speed ball from many aspects.

What are the structural design and installation matters of high-speed ball

1. Water resistance

Water resistance is very important for outdoor high-speed ball. The outdoor high-speed ball is generally installed in a relatively high and open place outdoors. Wind and rain are inevitable. Therefore, the waterproof performance of the product must be guaranteed. Therefore, a certain amount of time is needed in the structural design of the shell and the connection of components. For example, the water tray can prevent water from entering the ball machine. Or a rubber ring is designed at the edge of the transparent ball cover to prevent water infiltration. Even during installation, the joint needs to be coated with waterproof materials provided by the manufacturer to achieve sealing effect. The waterproof performance of some products reaches IP68 and can be used underwater. Of course, it has higher requirements, and even the thread design of screws should be very particular.

2. Heat dissipation

The high-speed ball has also played an important role in the construction of Ping An City. However, because it works outdoors for 24 hours, the environment is relatively bad, especially in summer in the south, the weather is very hot, and the temperature is above 35 ℃. Therefore, high requirements are put forward for the heat dissipation performance of high-speed ball. If the heat dissipation performance is poor and the temperature in the ball machine is too high, the machine will not work normally, and the circuit board components inside may be oxidized and the service life will be shortened. Previously, only one fan was installed inside the high-speed ball, but it was found that the heat dissipation performance has not been greatly improved in the project. Therefore, at present, the high-speed ball on the market is generally two fans, which can form air convection. Of course, some manufacturers have targeted heat dissipation, such as designing fans on the movement or near the power board, which greatly improves the heat dissipation performance. Of course, the double-layer cover with metal cover and even sunshade has better heat dissipation effect than the single-layer cover made of plastic.

3. Heater

In northern China, the temperature in winter is generally below zero, so whether the product can operate stably at low temperature is essential. At present, most manufacturers adopt the installation of heating modules, some are installed on the inner wall of the ball machine, and some are designed with heating rings on the transparent ball cover. However, this method may not have ideal heating effect. When the ambient temperature is relatively low, the power of the heating device is relatively low. Therefore, the scattered heat is limited and transmitted through the cover, Maybe the heat has been dissipated before it increases the internal temperature of the ball machine. Therefore, it is best to heat the high-speed ball targeted to ensure the normal operation of the high-speed ball. At present, many manufacturers have designed heaters that can be controlled automatically or manually. Once the temperature drops to a critical point, it will start heating automatically. For the needs of some special application fields (such as Tibet, etc.), the structure of the ball machine must also be redesigned.

4. Anti falling screw

Anti falling screw mainly refers to the installation of transparent ball cover. At present, in order to prevent disassembly, the screws on the transparent ball cover are internal pentagonal or internal hexagonal screws. At present, many transparent ball covers of high-speed balls are not designed with anti falling screws, which is very inconvenient in product installation and maintenance. Imagine how troublesome it would be if the screws were not designed to prevent falling off during high-altitude installation or maintenance. In case of falling off, other screws should be prepared, or even go down to the ground to find them.

5. Movement support arm

The support arm of the integrated movement is also very important for the high-speed ball. If the support arm is damaged, it will affect the accuracy of its preset position. Therefore, the material of the support arm is the key. At present, some manufacturers pursuing quality are very considerate. The support arm of the movement is generally made of metal, supported by both arms, and made of sufficient materials. Some manufacturers use plastic support arms, or even only one arm. If they rotate for a long time, the stability of their products needs to be considered. Of course, we are not saying that the plastic support arm is bad. The key is to ensure its quality.

6. Anti falling steel rope

Nowadays, the high-speed ball is generally designed with anti falling steel rope in two places: one is between the ball machine and the support, and the other is between the transparent cover and the outer cover. If the high-speed ball is installed or repaired at high altitude and there is no anti falling rope, where is the removed ball machine or cover? Therefore, it is an essential design of high-speed ball. Of course, from what we know, basically all high-speed balls have this design, but whether the rope is strong and durable remains to be considered. If the rope may suddenly loosen, the consequences will be unimaginable.

7. Transmission

Transmission device is one of the key factors for the quality of high-speed ball. From the current situation, the high-speed ball of most manufacturers is driven by belt, so the quality requirements of the belt are very high. If the material of the belt is not good, the belt may deform or elongate over time, which will affect the accuracy of the preset position. In order to ensure the long-term stable operation of the machine, it is highly recommended to adopt the transmission mode of turbine vortex rod or gear set. Of course, the technology of turbine vortex rod and gear is also the key.

8. Quick loading mode

At present, most manufacturers use screw fixation for the ball core, but it will be very inconvenient in on-site installation and maintenance. Some manufacturers adopt the quick mode. The whole disassembly and installation can be completed without using any tools, which is very convenient. Of course, in the fast way, we found that some manufacturers use plastic card holders. It is difficult to say whether they are durable. Of course, it is best to use metal hooks, but the cost is higher. In the quick installation design, the manufacturer also needs to consider clearly marking the installation orientation to facilitate accurate alignment.

9. Dial setting

Whether the code dialing is convenient is very important in the process of machine debugging and maintenance. Generally, the high-speed ball is set by dialing the code before installation. Once the installation is completed, it can be modified through the soft address. Imagine how difficult it is for the installer to climb a 6-meter-high ladder to dial the address of the high-speed ball? Therefore, whether the high-speed ball can be set through the keyboard or not, its convenience must be considered in terms of hardware dialing. At present, some products can remove the dialing block and insert it back after setting, which is very convenient. If the dial switch is designed on the ball core and there is no quick installation structure, the dial switch must be designed as simple as possible, or even a notch slot.

10. Power wiring

In the construction process, if the power wiring is very troublesome, it will take a lot of time and physical strength. At present, the power wiring of many high-speed balls adopts flat wire connectors, which is also more convenient. There are also screws. If it is high-altitude operation, it will be some trouble. The most convenient is the crimping design, which directly contacts the movement with the power board to supply power, and also supports hot plug and pull, which is very convenient.

11. Lightning protection design

In summer in the south, there are many thunderstorms. The outdoor high-speed ball is less likely to be directly hit by lightning, but it is very likely to be induced by lightning. Therefore, the high-speed ball should be built with TVs lightning protection, surge protection and surge protection circuits to improve the safety performance of the product.

12. Menu debugging

The convenience of menu debugging is of great concern to engineers. According to the current situation, some manufacturers support Chinese operation menu according to the specific market demand in China, with intuitive interface and convenient operation, which saves a lot of time for the whole project. However, there are still a large number of high-speed balls on the market that use English menus, which not only requires the high English level of Engineering suppliers, but also the operation is very cumbersome and inconvenient.

13. Agreements and accessories

In one project, it is not surprising that hundreds of high-speed balls are widely used. Therefore, if the high-speed ball is required to be compatible with other products in this large system, it must be compatible with a variety of protocols. At present, most high-speed balls on the market are compatible with pelcod and pelcop protocols. In addition, most PELCO keyboards and PELCO keyboards can be recognized automatically. At present, most of the control keyboards are three-dimensional keyboards, which are convenient to operate and have complete functions.

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