High speed WLAN protocol, using 5GHz band. The highest speed is 54Mbps, and the actual usage rate is about 22-26mbps. Incompatibility with 802.11b is its biggest disadvantage.


The most popular WLAN protocol, using 2.4GHz band. The highest speed is 11Mbps, and the actual usage rate varies according to distance and signal strength (1-2mbps within 150m, 11Mbps within 50m). The lower rate of 802.11b makes the cost of using wireless data network acceptable.


Based on WLAN QoS protocol, 802.11a, B, G can carry out VoIP. In other words, 802.11e is a protocol to realize voice call function through wireless data network. This protocol will be a powerful weapon for wireless data network to compete with traditional 7a64e78988e69d8331333433626538 mobile communication network.


802.11g is an extension of 802.11b in the same frequency band. Supports up to 54Mbps. Compatible with 802.11b. This standard has overcome 802.11a and become the next standard of wireless data network.


802.11h is an extension of 802.11a to be compatible with other 5GHz band standards, such as hyperlan2 used by EU.


802.11i is a new wireless data network security protocol. The loopholes in the popular WEP protocol will become a security risk of wireless data network. 802.11i proposes a new TKIP protocol to solve the security problem.

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