In the previous society, the ID card was the only certificate for people to get in and out safely, because an ID card ID ONLY corresponded to one person. However, with the development of science and technology, society is becoming more and more intelligent. The access certificate on the virtual network is not the ID card, but the only biological attribute that people have.

As long as it is the unique characteristics of people, it may be used to make a “key” on the virtual network, such as “only hearing its sound, you can know its person” and “there are no two same leaves in the world”.. Are expressing this uniqueness. Nowadays, a variety of biometric technologies have been developed by using the uniqueness of various characteristics such as fingerprint, face, iris, vein and voiceprint, such as fingerprint recognition, face recognition, iris recognition, vein recognition and voiceprint recognition.

What are the relative advantages of voiceprint recognition

Among these biometric technologies, fingerprint identification is the most widely recognized because of the popularity of smart phones, most smart phones now have the function of fingerprint identification, and many companies take the way of fingerprint identification punch in to count attendance. However, although there is a recognition technology that is not as hot and high-profile as fingerprint recognition, it exudes a unique charm in the field of science and technology, that is “voiceprint recognition”. As Professor Zhang cymbal, an academic leader in China’s artificial intelligence community and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said: the current image recognition has limitations. With only a little interference, the machine will mistakenly recognize a “artillery position” as a “flock of sheep”, or even anything else, which is “fragile” and “very unsafe”. At present, Among various biometrics, voiceprint is relatively safe.

But here we must make a distinction between “voiceprint recognition” and “speech recognition”. At present, speech recognition is used in smart phone applications, and there is no really mature voiceprint recognition technology embedded in a mobile phone. The simplest distinction between the two is that the function of voiceprint recognition is to recognize “who is saying” and the function of speech recognition is to recognize “what has been said”.

See 100 billion application scenarios

At present, the application of voiceprint recognition is not very popular, mainly in the fields of public security, finance, social security and intelligent security.

National Public Security

Voiceprint is an important and difficult to imitate biological feature. Voiceprint recognition technology is first put into use in the fields of national defense security, public security technical investigation and Judicial Correction for specific people, which effectively ensures national and public security.

For example, in the battlefield environment, voiceprint recognition technology can detect whether there are key speakers in the process of telephone conversation. Once a military command is issued by telephone. The person issuing the order can be identified. It is reported that the US EP-3 reconnaissance aircraft forced to land at China’s Hainan airport on April I, 2001 carried a similar voiceprint recognition and listening module. In the anti-terrorism operation, the communication of terrorists before and after the crime often contains key contents. Therefore, the voiceprint recognition system is pre installed in the communication system or security monitoring system, which can prevent, investigate and hunt down criminals through communication tracking and voiceprint identification technology.

Especially in recent years, various forms of Telecom fraud. Criminal suspect emerge in an endless stream of crime of extortion, intimidation and kidnapping by phone after obtaining the victim’s detailed personal information through illegal channels. For example, the “August 19 Xu Yuyu Telecom fraud case” that caused a sensation all over the country. For such criminal cases, public security and judicial personnel can use warming identification technology to lock suspects from voice calls and narrow the scope of criminal investigation. Voiceprint recognition system can be installed at public security checkpoints such as stations, airports and docks to effectively identify and prompt dangerous people, reduce errors caused by naked eye recognition and improve people’s life and property safety.

Financial field

Nowadays, online virtual currency payment has become the mainstream of people’s transactions, so the identity authentication of online payment is becoming more and more important. Fingerprint recognition and face recognition have exposed various vulnerabilities, while voiceprint recognition has also been placed in more expectations. In order to prevent theft and other cases, voiceprint recognition is added to the transaction payment, and the client identity authentication is carried out through dynamic password, so as to effectively improve the security of personal capital transaction.

From 2016 to 2018, China Construction Bank, Bank of Guiyang, Bank of Lanzhou, Bank of Xi’an, China UnionPay, China Mutual Fund Association and other units launched voiceprint identification and identity authentication services for business scenarios such as account login, large amount transfer, withdrawal without card, password recovery and so on. WeChat and Alipay have also launched the login mode based on voiceprint dynamic password. In addition, the introduction of voiceprint recognition technology in credit business as an anti fraud means can also effectively reduce the incidence of fraudulent loans and long loans.

social insurance

Social security is the guarantee of life for many elderly people. To receive social security, the elderly must personally go to the social security institution for identity verification, which is a hard and inconvenient thing for the elderly. However, personal verification is very important. How can I not need to go to the scene and ensure that the social security fund is not falsely claimed? Voiceprint recognition technology not only effectively solves such problems, but also eliminates many human, material, administrative and time costs for social security institutions.

The pilot work of voiceprint survival certification has been carried out in many provinces and autonomous regions across the country, aiming to provide convenience for the people in many places.

Intelligent security and personalized voice interaction

Using voiceprint confirmation technology, you can complete the authorization of access control of various things in your daily life, such as smart phone lock screen, voice controlled password lock of various network accounts, computer voice controlled lock, voice controlled security door, car voice controlled lock, etc; Using voiceprint recognition technology, it can support intelligent speakers, intelligent voice assistants, provide personalized services for users of different ages, and open specific functional permissions; Through the combination of speech recognition and voiceprint recognition technology, the minutes of multi person meeting are completed.

New application scenarios

According to the analysis of the prospective industry research institute, the global biometric industry is now large, and the market scale of voice biometric (Note: voiceprint recognition) alone is nearly 10 billion US dollars. It is expected to exceed 20 billion US dollars (134.6 billion yuan) in 2020, accounting for 2.4% of the whole biometric market.

From the application field of network identity authentication, according to the data of foreign research institutions marketsandmarkets, the network security market is expected to grow to US $155.74 billion in 2019, of which the scale of identity authentication information security market will exceed US $30 billion. Voiceprint recognition market has become an exploding blue ocean market.

Intelligent electronic equipment must be a breakthrough in the application of voiceprint recognition. At present, there are no representative and cross era voiceprint recognition products on electronic devices. For example, the first cake in the application market of fingerprint recognition or face recognition is hopeless. It is still possible to be the first to eat the cake of “voiceprint recognition”.

With the commercial application of 5g, the construction of Internet of things is further promoted. As the development goal of Internet of things, non-contact recognition technology voiceprint recognition will have a very large application scenario. For example, in the field of smart home: voiceprint recognition will change the operation habits in the field of smart home in the future. There are various troublesome problems in operation and control of smart home application, and voiceprint recognition is one of the effective solutions. Liberate users’ hands and feet without walking around or desperately pressing buttons with mobile terminals. It also allows users such as the elderly and children who are inconvenient to control the product system in physical form to enjoy smart home life, which is more conducive to the popularization and implementation of smart home in public families.

High technical barriers and serious polarization

The manufacturer of voiceprint recognition can be roughly divided into three stages:

Phase I: the first batch of companies were established around 2000, mainly old voice manufacturers;

The second stage: the second batch of companies were established around 2005, mainly professional manufacturers engaged in deep cultivation of voiceprint;

The third stage: the third batch of start-ups mainly with AI labels, and in recent two years, bat and other large companies began to layout the voiceprint field.

In November 2018, the people’s Bank of China issued the financial industry standard technical specification for secure application of mobile finance based on voiceprint recognition, which means that voiceprint recognition technology has been recognized by the financial regulatory authorities. The release of this standard also means that financial technology has become one of the most popular application fields of voiceprint recognition, and the scene application of voiceprint recognition in the financial field will also greatly drive the development of upstream and downstream industries. At the same time, voiceprint recognition related manufacturers have also expanded rapidly. Not only the professional voiceprint manufacturers who have worked for many years, but also a large number of new faces have emerged.

This leads to a low proportion of voiceprint manufacturers with clear technology sources, and they are mainly concentrated in a few universities and scientific research institutions with deep cultivation.

Moreover, due to the complexity of sound signal, it is very difficult to process sound signal technology, which may lead to the old enterprises with technology accumulation in the past to seize the opportunity of expanding application scenarios and develop better and better, while new enterprises may not be able to learn and master voiceprint recognition technology and grow up.

Since it is so good, why not popularize it

Compared with other biometrics, voiceprint has the following three advantages:

1. Non contact and easy to accept:

Voiceprint is a biometric technology that can be used in remote field because of its non-contact. In addition, the speech containing voiceprint features is convenient and natural. The collection process involves less personal privacy information of users, so it is easier to be accepted by users.

2. Low cost:

The voice acquisition device has the advantages of low cost and simple use. One microphone is enough. When using communication equipment (such as telephone and mobile phone), there is no need for additional recording equipment.

3. Forgery difficulty:

Voiceprint information must be collected in vivo, which can make the voiceprint password change dynamically without worrying about password forgetting, loss and theft, so as to prevent recording counterfeiting.

What has to be mentioned is that everything has two sides, and advantages and disadvantages must exist at the same time. Voiceprint recognition also has some difficulties to overcome, such as the establishment of voiceprint database and features, far-field recognition, noise, multi-channel (mobile phone, telephone, network) and other problems need to be solved together in the whole industry. None of these difficulties to be overcome can make voiceprint recognition popular.

The future is worth looking forward to

Although voiceprint recognition technology has not been widely used, it is undeniable that it has been recognized by the times, given unlimited expectations and can be expected in the future. With the trend of interconnection of all things, it will also be the trend of interconnection of various data information, and ensuring the security of data information is related to everyone’s interests. Therefore, how to improve security technology is an important topic in the future, and voiceprint recognition will be an important means to improve security solutions in the future. In the future, voiceprint recognition will play an important role and be widely used as fingerprint recognition and face recognition.

Source: Internet of things space station

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