Causes of noise produced by conference sound

(1) Circuit noise inside the equipment

Audio equipment has an index – signal-to-noise ratio. Due to the electrical noise generated by internal electronic components, when a device works alone, it can meet the required indicators, but when multiple devices are connected, the noise will accumulate and increase.

In practical application, some low-grade civil audio equipment will have a large AC noise due to poor internal power filtering, and sometimes a very serious noise will be formed in the audio system.

(2) Ground loop noise

In the sound system, the whole system must be well grounded, and the grounding resistance is required to be less than 4 ohms. Otherwise, the induced charge generated by various radiation and electromagnetic induction of equipment in the sound system will not flow into the ground, resulting in noise voltage superimposed in the audio signal.

If there is a ground potential difference between the ground wires of different equipment due to different grounding resistance, or there is a loop in the internal grounding of the system, it will cause grounding noise. When two different sound systems are interconnected, noise may also be generated. The noise is caused by the direct connection of the ground wires of the two systems.

Causes of noise in conference room acoustics

1. Strong anti reflection sound enters the microphone and generates positive feedback after being amplified by the system, causing howling.

2. The installation position of the speaker is poor. A pair of speakers are placed at the two corners of the conference room. Because the height of their sound is equivalent to that of the microphone, the direct sound or the known sound reflected by the wall is easier to enter the microphone, and it is inevitable to produce howling.

3. The speaker is too far away from the channel, resulting in light sound, and raising the volume will also produce howling due to the limitation of sound transmission gain.

4. There is no electronic acoustic feedback suppressor in the system, and it is also easy to produce howling.

5. The meeting room is narrow, and the sound wave diffusion is poor.

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