There is no absolute answer, only based on fundamental factors.

Here are some of the reasons why you might want to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with the highest market value.

What are the reasons for the bull market and bear market of cryptocurrency


Bull: the reason for investing in the core of bitcoin is very simple: it is the largest cryptocurrency with the deepest liquidity, institutional risk exposure, futures products and value storage characteristics. It will also halve in less than three months. When the cryptocurrency market develops rapidly, it is certain that bitcoin will lead this trend.

Bear: bitcoin may be the safest haven for cryptocurrency investors, but price discovery has been going on for 11 years. Due to its decentralized design, lack of innovation to rekindle interest, and no significant partners to announce, there is a risk that investors may get bored and look for more other encryption assets. In addition, since lightning networks are still undeliverable, bitcoin networks may become unusable if the on chain costs rise to the level of 2017, thereby reducing their market value.


Niu: Ethereum 2.0 is planned to be launched in the next four months. If the upgrade goes smoothly, people’s interest in smart contract networks may surge. It is able to get rid of all its competitors from EOS to Cardano so far, and it has laid a good foundation for the next bull market. In addition to Ethereum’s network effect, huge developer community and diverse use cases, the reason to invest in eth is very strong.

Bear: Ethereum 2.0 has serious systemic risks. If it fails to launch successfully, it may affect the confidence of investors. One of the main defi hacks is another black swan event that could surface at any time. Eth’s loose monetary policy is also one of the reasons for its declining attractiveness as a long-term investment, although the effectiveness of the network is beyond doubt.


Niu: remember what happened to ripple in 2017? From a few cents to more than three dollars in tokens. When the market fever returns, repeated feats are not impossible. Ripple is also very closely connected, and XRP is expected to rise if it can build important partnerships with technology or payment giants.

Xiong: the huge holdings of XRP, the low utilization rate of enterprises and the specter of securities litigation are still around the third largest cryptocurrency in market value.


Niu: low cost on the chain, major innovation (such as privacy and microblog), merchant adoption and enthusiastic community all indicate the future of BCH. It can do everything BTC does, but there’s no risk of overnight soaring costs. Some investors see BCH as a hedge against the poor performance of BTC. If the core cost of bitcoin soars, bitcoin cash is expected to flourish.

Bear: most of the roadmap for bitcoin cash is based on ensuring global adoption as a medium of exchange (MOE). BCH may waver if merchants and consumers prefer stable currencies to volatile cryptocurrencies. There are also community disputes over issues such as developer funding that need to be resolved, and fierce disputes can lead to factional conflicts.


Cattle: the tricks of BSV whales like Calvin Ayre and Craig Wright, coupled with limited liquidity (maneuverability), mean they can be withdrawn at any time. When it does, it is likely to rise.

Bear: it’s risky to hold highly volatile encryption assets.


Bull: lightcoin often leads the rise of bitcoin and acts as a canary that indicates the recovery of cryptocurrency market.

Bear: as a general MOE, it is almost indistinguishable from BTC. The basic evaluation of LTC has determined that there are few factors that make it rise.


Bull: after reducing the inflation rate, EOS initially avoided the worst decline in the market this week. The smart contract network has yet to deliver on its promise, but EOS VC still has a lot of money to award, which may push the development up several levels. If voice, a social network based on EOS, is successful, the attractiveness of investment may also rise.

Bear: EOS network has been plagued by the decline of service quality, and the sharp fluctuation of the cost of resources on the chain such as VRAM may make DAPP expensive to run on a large scale.


Niu: coin an is the most hardworking exchange in the industry, issuing new products at a dazzling speed. BNB’s assets, one of the best performing in the past 12 months, are closely linked to the wealth of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, which shows no sign of slowing down.

Xiong: if coin security encounters regulatory problems or is attacked by devastating hackers, BNB will drop sharply.


Bull: xtz is one of the best performing cryptocurrencies this year, which may be undervalued compared with Eth and other similar assets. The main cryptocurrency traders are long-term tezos who have social followers to improve the fomo of retail investors.

Bear: tezos has not yet played an important role, and there is an obvious lack of projects launched on the smart contract blockchain. If tezos does not start to add real value soon, xtz’s goodwill may soon run out.


Bull: chainlink’s transformation from a small company project to a de facto Oracle solution in the encryption field with a market capitalization of $500 million is impressive. Dozens of major partnerships and the commitment of more partners in the future are likely to keep link going for months.

Bear: critics assert that the utility of link token is limited, which is not enough to justify its market value, and that chainlink can run without a token. Apart from speculation, few entities currently use link for other purposes.


Niu: Cardano has not yet worked out his own development plan. He has been working out his road map slowly. If the project starts based on Charles hoskinson’s Ethereum alternative, ADA may be late.

Bear: like link, ADA doesn’t have much use outside of trading at present. At some stage, the network will have to start looking at usage, otherwise there will be no reason to prove its value.


Niu: a kind of privacy token with practical function, especially in the dark Internet, it is used as it should be. With the increasingly fierce fight for privacy, monero stands out as a fortress of anonymity on the chain.

Bear: thousands of dark net buyers are not enough to make the price of XmR soar. In addition, increasing regulatory pressure may result in the delisting of private tokens from major exchanges.


Bull: fast, cheap deal.

Bear: XRP imitations, with a huge recycling supply, are almost no different from its more famous predecessors.


Bull: widely adopted by gambling on the marketing influence of DAPP, tether and Justin sun.

Bear: a relatively concentrated Ethereum clone, whose fate mainly depends on one’s actions.


Niu: as one of the largest exchanges in the industry, it has tentacles all over the world. It will grow together with fire money.

Bear: depending on the fire coin ecosystem, the fate of HT completely depends on the fate of its issuers.


Bull: if Ethereum 2.0 fails, etc can make up for the loss and enjoy the corresponding price increase.

Bear: in the four years of his life, Ethereum classic has little to shout about.

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