IOT refers to the real-time acquisition of any object or process that needs monitoring, connection and interaction through various devices and technologies, such as information sensors, radio frequency identification technology, global positioning system, infrared sensors, laser scanners, etc., as well as the acquisition of sound, light, heat, electricity, mechanics, chemistry, biology, location and other required information through various possible network media, Realize the intelligent perception, identification and management of goods and processes, and realize the interconnection between things and people.

As a newly emerging information carrier based on the Internet and traditional telecommunications network, is the Internet of things an innovation trend of technological development or a bubble ending in concept?

At present, what are the problems in the development of Internet of things?

Standardization: no rules, no square circle, no standardization, no rules. At present, it is urgent for relevant departments to issue standardization construction according to the actual situation.

Hardware equipment: at present, in terms of hardware equipment, it is still in the stage of development, and there are huge obstacles. This is mainly reflected in the fact that all kinds of sensors have not yet entered an orderly virtuous circle in technology or cost, and still need to be cultivated by the market.

Software: in terms of software, it also needs further development and breakthrough. The key technology of data processing is artificial intelligence technology. At the current level, although there are many IOT cloud platforms on the market, they still need to be further optimized.

In summary, the Internet of things is still in the development stage, but I believe that under the support of demand, the vast majority of problems faced by the development of the Internet of things can be overcome. After all, technical problems can be solved through innovation; cost problems can be solved through scale; the number of users can be solved by increasing applications; business model problems can be solved through practice Practice to solve.

It can be said that the environment of today’s Internet of things is much higher than that of the original Internet, which has greatly improved to a certain extent. In addition, we have preliminary experience in the development of digital economy. Under the guidance of these experiences, we believe that the Internet of things will develop faster.

Therefore, the Internet of things is the concept bubble. We prefer the Internet of things as the trend of technological development and the opportunity of technological innovation.

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