The most interesting thing about NiO day is that the 100kwh battery pack will be launched in the fourth quarter of 2020. After the introduction of taycan and e-tron, which are close to 100kwh, domestic electric vehicles are also going to 100kwh. This paper discusses the upgrade path of 100kwh, and looks at the playing method of 20kW household charging pile.


Upgrade path of 100kwh

Big car with big battery

On this es8, it is equivalent to making a mid-term modification of the power assembly, retaining the original 70kwh (improving some endurance by improving the power system) and 84kwh, and the new 100kwh is the main selling point. And it can provide new battery system capacity upgrade service, upgrade the 70kwh battery pack to 100kwh, only need to add 58000 yuan, which is equivalent to buying an old battery back (the value is declining), the new 30kwh is sold according to 2 yuan / wh. But the price of 100kwh and 84kwh are very close. Most consumers are waiting for the 100kwh solution.

Note: it’s also interesting to rent 1280 yuan per month to use 100kwh battery pack

What are the playing methods of 20kW household charging pile

Figure 1 energy, price and endurance mileage of es8 seven seat version

We can take a closer look at the upgrading route of this battery, from 70kwh to 84kwh, mainly through the upgrading of the cell, from 100Ah to 117ah. In the short term, the capacity of the cell wants to be mass produced in Q4 in 2020, and there is little room for improvement. Notice that the height of the cell has been increasing from 50ah, 100Ah to 117 capacity. The z-direction height in this battery system has also been diluted a lot.

There may be several ways to do this

If the module remains unchanged, the cell needs to be upgraded to 144ah. At present, it’s a little difficult to realize this data in a short time. It’s good to upgrade from 117ah to 130ah

To change the module, what can be improved is the original 96 strings of overall voltage data, which can increase the number of battery strings to about 108 strings.

Under our accounting:


It should be possible initially. This is a way to build on or continue with the existing system of square shells. Because 108 strings mean 216 cores, the longitudinal beam in the middle may need to be adjusted. Change the original 8 blocks to 4 blocks, and then readjust the layout of the cores. Instead of following the original 355 module form, this possibility is still possible. There are 54 cores in a long strip.


20kW low power DC charging pile

Application for three-phase electricity

This 20kW low-power DC charging post is also a very interesting thing. The combination of on-board charger and external AC charging pile is the choice of car enterprises for car owners at home. The power ranges from 3.3kw, 6.6kw to 11kw, which is mainly restricted by the need of car owners to apply for power consumption capacity and meters from the State Grid Power Distribution Department. Starting from 22KW, there is a big difference between the car charger and the frequency that can be used. The core is that it is easy for you to connect three-phase electricity. The 22KW car charger also means that there should be a three-phase AC charging pile and corresponding power consumption capacity outside. NiO’s practice this time is actually based on its user group. If the application for three-phase electricity can be completed at home, the 22KW DC charging pile can be purchased to achieve faster power charging. Note: I understand that NiO will keep the car charger for a long time and increase the user’s convenience of using and charging. In the short term, this option is aimed at the needs of a small number of users. It does not involve the cost saving approach we discussed earlier, which is to remove the car charger. The main purpose is to provide a five hour charging experience for a 100kwh battery.

Charging path

From the perspective of current path and coverage, it may be enlightening for the next step of luxury brand electric vehicles, and this operation has a strong correlation with individual housing conditions. Note: Recently, a house was built in my hometown. In the countryside, you can apply for a three-phase form for household use. The power mainly depends on how much power the line pulled down from the line of the brigade can bear

Summary: for the battery system of more than 80kwh, we really need to say goodbye to the 355 module form. It seems that many enterprises are reconstructing the whole battery system from the standard module at present. The core of CTP is still the same as the original pack. It uses the optimized structure of passenger cars to provide more power. This method is not standard in itself, which means customization

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