With the rapid development of science and technology, LCD display has gone deep into all walks of life, and has played a pivotal role. Now many things customers want to have their own unique design, so there is customization. As the name suggests, it is only one of their own. In the display industry, what should we pay attention to when customizing LCD display? Here is a small example of Huatian Xinke I will introduce the following points.

The first is perspective: perspective and reaction speed are their common characteristics and common differences. Now people are most exposed to the screen on the mobile phone, collectively referred to as TFT screen, basically can’t see the attenuation of the viewing angle range, while the low-end TN, HTN, STN displays have obvious differences in viewing angle. The industry term parameters: 6h, 9h, 3h, 12h, which means 6 o’clock direction, 9 o’clock direction, 3 o’clock direction, 12 o’clock direction. Take a clock as a reference to explain the direction of view, 6 o’clock as the up view, 3 o’clock as the left view, 9 o’clock as the right view, and 12 o’clock as the down view. This is especially critical when choosing.

Thirdly, temperature: temperature is also one of the main parameters of LCD screen. During customization, the screen factory will send a drawing, which contains such essential parameters as “working temperature and storage temperature”. We should pay attention to this parameter when designing, and consider which environment the product works in. LCD screen is generally divided into 3-4 ranges, normal temperature range (0-50), wide temperature range (- 20-75) and ultra wide temperature range (- 30-85). When the selection is wrong, the following reactions will appear: the reaction will be slow at low temperature, and the shadow will exist at high temperature.

Finally, there are many ways to connect glass devices: hot pressed paper, zebra stripes, metal feet, flexible cords, etc

The above is Xiaobian’s opinion on several parameters that need to be paid attention to when customizing LCD display, hoping to help you.

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