What are the mobile phones of Kirin 990

Huawei mobile phones equipped with Kirin 990 processor chip include Huawei mate30, Huawei mate30pro, Huawei mate305g, Huawei mate30pro5g and Huawei mate30rs.

Nova6 (5g), nova6, glory V30, glory v30pro, and Kirin 990 processors are manufactured by the 7Nm process of TSMC II. The overall performance of the Kirin 990 processor is about 10% higher than that of the Kirin 980.

Huawei mate30 series: Huawei mate30 mobile phone is equipped with Kirin 990 processor. It adopts the world’s first commercial flagship 5gsoc chip, adds 5g baseband, runs 8GB of memory, 128GB / 256gb of body memory, and 4200mah of battery capacity (40W wired, 27W wireless).

Glory V30 series: glory V30 is a mobile phone owned by glory. Equipped with Huawei Hisilicon 990 processor, it starts with 6GB memory and is equipped with 8GB memory. Glory V30 series is the first 5g product series launched by glory. Glory V30 adopts 6.57-inch dual camera eye screen, supports eye protection e-book mode, Ag frosting process on the back, anti slip, anti scratch and anti fingerprint.

Qilin 990 running points

The list in March was all occupied by snapdragon 865 mobile phones, and there was no trace of Kirin 9905g and other chips. It can be said that Huawei lost to Qualcomm this time. Huawei’s p30pro5g, which is equipped with Kirin 9905g chip, has previously scored more than 450000 points in Antu. Although this achievement is also very good, but compared with the black shark game mobile phone 5, which has the lowest score on the list, there is still a gap of 120000.

Kirin 9905g adopts the more advanced tsmc-2 7Nm EUV process, while snapdragon 865 adopts the 7Nm process. In terms of process, Huawei gets one point first. Kirin 9905g adopts the CPU architecture of two large cores based on A76, two medium cores and four small cores based on A55, with the maximum dominant frequency of 2.86ghz. Compared with the previous generation, its performance is improved significantly.

Meanwhile, the CPU architecture of Qualcomm 865 is based on one large core customized by a77, three medium cores and four small cores customized by A55, with a dominant frequency of 2.84ghz. Compared with the previous generation, its CPU performance is improved by 25%, and its energy efficiency is enhanced by 25%. In terms of Antu run score, the CPU run score of Xiaolong 865 is 1820000, which is significantly higher than that of Kirin 9905g’s 1580000.

Compared with Xiaolong 865, Qilin 9905g’s GPU performance is even worse. Its GPU score is only 160000, while Xiaolong 865’s is 220000. Kirin 9905g adopts the GPU architecture of 16 core mali-g76 for the first time. At the same time, kiringaming + 2.0 technology and gputurbo 3.0 technology are added to strive for higher performance. However, the Adreno 650 GPU architecture adopted by snapdragon 865 can not be underestimated, and its strength surpasses that of Huawei.

The gap between the two phones can also be seen in the geek bench 4. Huawei mate30pro, equipped with Kirin 9905g, scored 3851 points in single core and 12636 points in multi-core.

On geekbench, the single core and multi-core running scores of Xiaolong 865 engineering machine are 4303 and 13344 respectively, and the single core and multi-core running scores are better than Kirin 9905g. On the whole, Xiaolong 865 chip has stronger performance, which can be proved in many running software.

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